Bachelor of Arts -- Major in Chemistry

This program is designed to provide the most general type of educational background, with broad exposure to various disciplines. Students seeking this degree are normally preparing for an interdisciplinary professional career, requiring training in the sciences as well as in other fields, such as scientific sales, scientific writing, or social or environmental programs. The Bachelor of Arts degree is frequently used by many students in pre-professional programs, such as pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-optometry, and in some cases pre-law.

See the General Education Requirements for the degree Bachelor of Arts in the General Education section of the current university catalog.

Required Courses:

CH 123/124

Chemistry I & Lab

5 hrs.

CH 126/127

Chemistry II & Lab

5 hrs.

CH 376/377

Quantitative Analysis & Lab

5 hrs.

CH 479

Undergrad. Research

1 hr.

CH 480

Capstone Report and Seminar

1 hrs.

CH 370/371

Gen. Organic Chem & Lab**

5 hrs.

CH 620

Elem. of Physical Chem***

3 hrs.

Required/Free Electives

6+ hrs.


30+ hrs.

** The General Organic Chemistry & Lab requirement can be replaced with the combination of CH 572/573/574/575 Organic Chemistry I, II, and labs (a total of 10 hrs.)

*** The Elements of Physical Chemistry requirement can be replaced with the combination of CH 720/721/722 Physical Chemistry I, II, and lab (a total of 8 hrs.)

A minimum of 30 hours in chemistry is required for the degree. A maximum of 3 hours of Undergraduate Research may be used to meet these requirements. In consultation with a chemistry advisor the students may select additional hours to meet specific educational goals.

The following courses are also required

College Physics I and Lab, PH140 and 141

College Physics II and Lab, PH343 and 344

Basic Calculus, MA165

Required Second Program of Study:

The student is required to complete a second program of study of from 15 to 30 hours in another discipline of the student's choice.