Stephan Anderson-Story

              I grew up in rural eastern Kansas outside of Baldwin City, which is fifteen miles south of Lawrence.  As a child I always looked forward to the hour long bus ride to school.  There was always so much wildlife to see, it was like going on safari.  Deer, hawks, bobcats, coyote, rabbits; I saw it all every morning for years.  This body of work serves as a way for me to reconnect with my childhood.

              These photographs were taken at the KU Natural History Museum in Lawrence, Kansas in 2008.  These dioramas are part of my childhood too.  I’ve seen them numerous times over the course of 20 plus years and they are still just as pristine now as they were then.  They are way for me to observe closely the animals I saw from inside that school bus.  The environments are so convincing that it’s easy to get lost in the images and that is what makes them successful. Without the curator’s skill, I believe the photographs would fail.   

              I am pursuing my BFA degree with a photography emphasis at Emporia State University.  In addition to this body of work, I am exploring portraiture, rural Kansas, and street photography. 


Diorama Images