"This is a good country --much better in many respects than the Fatherland. The vine-clad hills of the old country are not so rich as the rocky hills of Wabaunsee County." --Sebastian Nehring, Feiden ancestor, Kansas pioneer

Mark Feiden

I suppose that my images are "art" insomuch as they succeed in communicating my deep and abiding affection for the plains landscape--one that is subtle yet complex, forever changing and inextricably linked to the weather. My work, however, was borne and continues to be centered not so much on a desire to express but rather to document and share--to open eyes and hearts to the beautiful, layered and richly textured landscape that is my home. 

There also exists in my work a certain genealogical motivation. The plains landscape, timeless in a way, is the common thread that laces together 152 years and four sides of my family. As I drive a rolling Flint Hills road or stand overlooking a hay meadow, I imagine that I am enjoying very much the same view as my grandfather and his grandfather before him. My sense of self is somehow interwoven with the landscape and photography has provided not only the means for sharing but also the excuse for continued exploration--both inward and outward.

Mark Feiden is a sixth-generation Kansan with pioneer roots in Wabaunsee and Reno counties. Originally from Wichita, Mark began exploring the back roads of Kansas as an alternative to the Turnpike while attending the University of Kansas in Lawrence. What began as a diversion soon became a dedication--to the sharing of "this... good country" through photography and other works. In 1997, Mark cofounded The Konza Press with the express mission of promoting the people, places and rich history of Great Plains through the work of native artists and photographers. Mark currently resides in the Kansas City area where he makes his principal living as an Industrial, Information and Interaction Designer. You can find Mark on the web at www.TheKonzaPress.com or www.Robison-Feiden.com

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