John Boles

The Great Plains have a distinctive voice; a voice that can be as gentle as the slight rise and fall of the land and yet at the same time as formidable as a June thunderstorm. There is a constant interaction and balance of the subtleness of the land and the vastness and variation of the sky, a relationship that seems to somehow remain balanced at all times. There is an unrelenting conversation between the sky and the land that seems more outspoken than is found in other regions.

As in nearly all my work, my photos of the Plains focus heavily on the relationship of the sky and the earth. It is a relationship that is impossible for me to ignore. Man's relationship to the land often comes into play within this conversation and the subtlety of the plains presents the structures rising from it as monoliths. Oil batteries, pumps, and grain elevators become the mountains of the plains telling the stories of the life and history of the people and their connection to this land. The interplay of nature and the man-made tells a story of this relationship and the imagery creates a pleasing visual juxtapostion.

A native Kansan and now located in Boise, Idaho, John spends much of his time capturing images in both the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. You can view more of his images at or you can contact him at

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