Aber wind power

Gray County Wind Farm is located near the city of Montezuma in southwestern Kansas. 170 Vestas wind turbines can generate up to 110 megawatts of power, enough for 33,000 households. The Danish turbines stand 295 feet tall to the tip of the blades. They are individually controlled to turn on when wind speed reaches a minimum of 10mph, which is just enough to fly our camera rigs on a large rokkaku kite. When wind speed exceeds 56mph, the turbines turn off to avoid mechanical damage.

The wind turbines are arrayed in lines between crop fields. In this semiarid region, dryland farming follows a summer fallow method; crops are grown in every other field in alternate years to conserve soil moisture. In this case, dark green winter wheat contrasts strongly with fallow, brown soil. The images were taken in late April 2008. These pictures depict the flat land surface and gently curved horizon of the High Plains.

Aber wind two

Near view of three turbines. This was as close as we dared to position the kite and camera rig to the spinning turbines, which are directly downwind from the camera in this vantage. April 2008.