Liebenthal Kansas

Liebenthal, a small town in west-central Kansas, was founded by German-Russian emigrants from the Volga region of Russia in 1876. It is the oldest of several similar settlements in Ellis and Rush counties. As devout Catholics, religion played a large part in the lives of the early inhabitants of these communities, and they built several impressive stone churches.

Liebenthal is located next to Big Timber Creek, a tributary of the Smoky Hill River. This vicinity is part of the Blue Hills physiographic region, which is underlain by chalk, limestone and shale bedrock. The Fencepost Limestone is a chalky limestone bed that was quarried widely for construction purposes, including thousands of fenceposts and many buildings, bridges, towers and churches.

In May 2006, we visited Liebenthal for kite aerial photography. We found a flying place at the cemetery about a quarter mile west of the church. With a large rokkaku we photographed the town, churck, cemetery and surrounding farmland with the Cannon S70 digital camera.

Aber Liebenthal Kansas

View toward the southeast over agricultural fields. Distinctive contour plowing and terraces curve across the sloping landscape. May 2006.

Liebenthal Cemetery

Closeup vertical view of the cemetery. Person (SW) is standing right of scene center next to gravel path. Many burials are marked by darker green rectangles in the mowed lawn. May 2006.