Derrald Fransworth-Livingston

toadstool ne

On a warm autumn evening from high on the plains, the last light of the day gives the canyons of the Oglala National Grassland in western Nebraska a warm glow.

toadstool night

An arm of the Milky Way appears to flow out of the rocks at Toadstool Geologic Park in western Nebraska.

sandhill detail

After an autumn rain, the grasses of the sandhills exhibit saturated warm hues.

brown county

Thunderheads hover over the Sandhills during sunset while Buffalo graze on the grass in Brown County in north central Nebraska.


This photograph captures the reflection of the sunset as the sun illuminates the leading edge of clouds at Frank Shoemaker Marsh near Lincoln, Nebraska, one of the few remaining homes of the endangered Salt Creek Tiger Beetle.

lone tree

A tree stands witness through the ages upon a hill on the prairie at Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota.

waves of corn

On an August morning, sunlight graces the top of a corn field in northwestern Nebraska.

wheat and silo

On a warm summer evening, storm clouds gather over a field of wheat in eastern Nebraska.

winter prairie

On a cold, early January morning, a snow covered prairie at Boyer Chute National Wildilfe Refuge is greated with a beautiful sunrise. Due to the very low temperatures, on the horizon a light pillar is visible where in the location the sun will eventually rise

storm clouds

Storm clouds hover over the snaking Niobrara River near sunset in Keha Paha County in north central Nebraska.

snake river

Not far from Merritt Reservoir in Cherry County, Nebraska, water flows over Snake River Falls.

snow geese

A group of snow geese appear as an abstract image as the enormous flock takes to the sky at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge in Missouri. There were over 1 million birds on the lake on this day.