Don Wolfe

During the time I was growing up on a farm in western Kansas, I took the landscape, the stars, and the animals all for granted.  But after living most of my adult life in the city, and subsequently returning to the country, specifically to the Flint Hills, I have an all new appreciation for the land that surrounds me, the stars above me, and the animals - both wild and domestic – around me. Being able to spend time on the prairie allows me to relax and be more leisurely about taking pictures. I have time to study, to think about the subjects of my photography, to go to locations at different times of the day and different times of the year to pick the shot I want.  I think of photography as a way for me to connect to the parts and pieces that make up this giant puzzle of the Flint Hills.  For me photography is a way of getting beyond the vastness of the prairie and digging a little deeper into the land.

Cattle in winter

Arriving for Winter Feeding

Brahman with calf

Brahma with Calf

cutting hay loose

Cutting the Strings

barn razing

Demolishing the Barn

Flying J

Flying J



cattle with ear tag

Portrait 99S

prairie cemetery

Prairie Cemetery

prairie trail

Prairie Trail

stone bridge

Stone Bridge



fallen stone wall

What Remains

barbed wire