Dave Leiker

The shoulders of the Flint Hills are a great place to be a photographer.  A short drive in any direction, from my home town in Emporia, takes me deep into my favorite landscape in the nation. Other states may have grand vistas, inspiring ocean views, and mountain ranges, but none have the sensuous grasslands, subtle beauty, and inherent tranquility of the central plains. Where else can one find long views across fertile pastures, unobstructed hills, and the richly colored crop lands that we enjoy here? These we have in abundance. And setting the mood for every scene is that Kansas sky, dwarfing everything beneath.   But it's also the small things that attract my eye, simple things. If anything defines my aspirations as a photographer it is to capture, best as I can, the artfulness of common things. You're welcome to browse my photo journals, collections of Midwest photography, and more Kansas related content on the Flyover People web site atwww.flyoverpeople.net/galleries.htm

Kansas Skies Images