Bob Gress

I was raised in Axtell Kansas and enjoyed many opportunities to hunt and 
fish with my dad and brothers in rural Marshall County. At Emporia State 
University I received an M.S. in Environmental Biology in 1976. Somewhere 
late in college my interest in hunting and fishing was transferred to 
wildlife photography. With a camera I could "hunt" throughout the year. 
And I could pursue any animal that interested me.

My biological interests include everything between insects and large mammals 
and all of these are potential photo subjects. At first I was compelled to 
photograph the charismatic and well known mammals and birds. But slowly I 
became fascinated with the little, unknown animals. It's these "little 
guys" that really need the advocacy that photography can offer. 
Unfortunately, most Kansans have a poor understanding of the everyday 
animals that live in our own backyards. Most of us never stop to think 
about the great abundance, diversity, and uniqueness of our wildlife 
resource. My efforts in wildlife photography have developed into a medium 
that allows me to share with others this wildlife resource that all Kansans 
should value!

Bob is director of the Great Plains Nature Center (GPNC) in Wichita Kansas. 
The GPNC is a cooperative project between the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, 
Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks, and the City of Wichita Park 
Department. Learn more about Kansas and Great Plains wildlife from the 
following books co-authored by Bob and illustrated with his photos: The Guide to Kansas Birds and Birding Hot Spots, Faces of the Great Plains: Prairie Wildlife, Watching Kansas Wildlife: A Guide to 101 Sites
Kansas Wetlands: A Wildlife Treasury, Kansas Wildlife. 
You can see more of Bob's work by visiting

The following photographs represent a tiny portion of the diverse avian life on the Great Plains.

Avian Images