Great Plains Academic Emphasis

Academic fields throughout the campus offer courses in cooperation with the Center. A combination of these courses can be used to obtain the Great Plains academic emphasis, which is recorded on the student's transcript. An undergraduate in any baccalaureate degree program is eligible to elect the Great Plains emphasis along with any major, minor, or teaching field. Use of the region's natural environment and institutions as an academic laboratory and presentation of original subjects by the faculty are strong features of the curriculum.

Subjects are best understood by explaining their parts and then studying how they relate to a whole. The natural sciences, fine arts, humanities, and behavioral and social sciences join in the curriculum for a broad and complementary study of the Great Plains. The way humans adapted to life on the Great Plains serves as an illustration of how the curriculum is designed. Courses in geography, biology, and earth science describe aspects of the physical environment that necessitated new ways of living. Fields such as history, anthropology, and sociology examine the many human adjustments. Literature, music, and art are among the academic disciplines that consider how people perceived and felt about their environment and expressed the culture it fostered.

Faculty from art to zoology teach courses in the Great Plains curriculum. They examine the common and uncommon features of the region and explain the reasons for its special human texture and spirit, relating the Plains to the broader American society and the world as a whole.

Students choosing an emphasis in Great Plains Studies can expect a higher degree of employability upon graduation regardless of major program of study. For example, secondary education majors will find school districts favorable to the emphasis particularly for history, literature, and science majors. Students in the School of Business who are looking for future careers in Agri-businesses, such as seed companies, chemical corporations, or comodities brokerages, among others, find an added edge in employablility.


Emphasis Requirements

1. Minimum of 15 semester hours.

2. At least two of the following categories must be represented: Fine Arts; Humanities; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Natural Sciences; College Wide

3. Specific courses that may be applied to the emphasis are listed in the Great Plains section of the class schedule each semester or on the CGPS class website.