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Subject: Values



Title:  What Do You Stand For?  A Kid's Guide to Building Character
Author 1: Lewis, Barbara A.
Author 2:
Publisher: free spirit
Date:  1998
Categories: Values
Format: Text/Activity Book
Call Number: V9002

Summary: This book is for children who want to be people of good character.  It includes descriptions of particular character traits; quotations from people past and present (words of wisdom); dilemmas to challenge the child's thinking and sharpen problem-solving and decision-making skills; activities of fun and interesting ways to explore, experience, and strengthen positive character traits at home, at school, in the family, and in the community; true stories of real kids who serve as examples of character in action; and Check It Out sections which point the way toward character-building organizations, Web sites, videos, audios, and books. 

(Grades K-12)