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Subject: Dropouts



Title:  Dropouts, Pushouts and Other Casualties
Author 1:
Author 2:
Publisher: Phi Delta Kappa
Date:  1987
Categories: Dropouts
Format: Text
Call Number: D3902

Summary: This volume was put together to provide the most recent information and research to concerned educators and interested parties regarding the various reasons that students leave school.  All of the papers included were either published or presented in 1986. 

(Grades K-12)


Title:  The Dropout Prevention Handbook
Author 1: Myll, Nancy Conover
Author 2:
Publisher: Parker Publishing Company
Date:  1988
Categories: Dropouts
Format: Text
Call Number: D3903

Summary: This book is a guide for administrators, counselors and teachers.  It outlines 14 successful public school programs that are helping at-risk teenagers who have trouble adjusting to the pressures of attending classes.  And winning back students who have already dropped out because of drug problems, pregnancy, abuse or academic failure.  This resource also offers step-by-step directions for effective implementation in your school district. 

(Grades 7-12)