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Subject: Disabilities



Title:  Family Systems within Educational Contexts
Author 1: Lambie, Rosemary
Author 2: Daniels-Mohring, Debbie
Publisher: Love Publishing Company
Date:  1993
Categories: Disabilities, Children with Special Needs
Format: Text
Call Number: D3503

Summary: This text focuses on understanding students with special needs.  Children with special needs often require assistance beyond the obvious vocational and educational training to overcome their disabilities.  Many times dysfunctional family lives interfere with educational goals.  This text provides major concepts and research findings to help the professional understand the family life cycle, family interactions and other environmental factors that may be affecting children in their classrooms.  Special populations, including families of divorce and remarriage and abusive or addictive families, are examined and specific strategies for working with these special children and their families are discussed. 

(Grades K-12)


Title: Response to Intervention: A Practical Guide for Every Teacher
Author 1: William N. Bender
Author 2: Cara Shores
Publisher: Joint Publication- Council for Exceptional Children and Corwin Press
Date: 2007
Categories: Miscellaneous
Format: Text
Call Number: D3505

Summary: This guidebook presents an overview of key concepts with guidelines for accountability practices that benefit students in inclusive classrooms. These interventions work to effectively individualize instruction, monitor individual student progress, and implement strategies  to meet the specific needs of all students.


Title: Autism in the School-Aged Child
Author 1: Carol Schmidt, RN, BSN
Author 2: Beth Heybryne, MA
Publisher: Carol Schmidt and Beth Heybryne
Date: 2004
Categories: Disabilities
Format: Text / Workbook
Call Number: D3506

Summary: This book present strategies using behavioral theory and practice in working with autistic children in school settings..  The majority of information presented in this book is the result of direct observation, evaluation, and intervention involving single subject research.  It is a very comprehensive source in learning how to provide accommodations within the school environment.



Title:  What of Tomorrow?
Author 1:
Author 2:
Publisher: Suncoast Media
Date:  1991
Categories: Disabilities
Format: Video
Call Number: D3500

Summary: Vidalina Clemons and Elizabeth Grigsby have cerebral palsy.  Vidalina, a spirited fourteen-year old attends high school in a special education program.  Twenty-year old Elizabeth enrolls in a community college and discovers an environment largely indifferent to her special needs.  Both Vidalina and Elizabeth desire to live full and independent lives.  But they also recognize that to do so they must depend on the availability of specialized resources for their education, transportation and job training. This video is to help viewers become aware of their own feelings about people with disabilities.  (28 min.) 

(Grades 7-12)


Title:  Self Directed IEP
Author 1: Martin, James E. & Marshall, Laura H.
Author 2: Maxson, Laurie & Jerman, Patty
Publisher: Center For Educational Leadership
Date:  1993
Categories: Disabilities, School Transition
Format: Video
Call Number: D3504

Summary: This package includes a video, teachers manual and student manual.  The purpose of this series is to facilitate the capacities of individuals with disabilities to choose, set goals and self-manage their own lives.  Unfortunately, many students leaving special education programs lack a sense of destiny.  They do not advocate for their own interests.  Because many students don't have an opportunity to learn how to plan and manage their lives, they leave school without a vision for their future.  Self management of the IEP program offers the opportunity for students to learn self-determination skills. 

(Grades K-12)


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