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Subject: Depression and Suicide



Title:  Monochrome Days
Author 1: Cait Irwin
Author 2: Dwight L. Evans, M.D.
Author 3: Linda Wasmer Andrews
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: 2007
Categories: Depression, Stress
Format: Book
Call Number: D3302

Summary: This book features a firsthand account of one teenager's experience with depression.  It also provides the latest information on the illness and its treatments and tips on managing daily life with depression. This book combines a truthful memoir and a helpful resource that will help ease the pain of depression.



Title:  Depression and Suicide
Author 1:
Author 2:
Publisher: Kidsrights
Date:  1991
Categories: Depression, Suicide
Format: Video
Call Number: D3300

Summary: This program, which was videotaped in two high schools still reverberating from recent suicides, presents a clear minded look at what to do if you or someone you care about is at risk.  Host Michael Pritchard and teens in Phoenix, Arizona and South Bend, Indiana identify the signs frequently exhibited by people who are at risk for suicide and discuss the recommended procedures for intervening.  In addition, they examine ways of coping with the depression and stress that often leads to suicide and encourage people to ask for help when they feel themselves at risk. 

(Grades 7-12)


Title:  Depression and Stress (5673-V)
Author 1:
Author 2:
Categories: Depression, Stress
Format: Video
Call Number: D3301

Summary: This video identifies the teenage years as being intense years of growing.  That teenagers push themselves and they see more demand from society to do well.  Not only school causes stress, teens also indicated that peer pressure and their environment were causes of stress.  The video also indicates that too much unhealthy stress can lead to depression.  It is important to watch for warning signs of burnout and low energy level.  The video encourages teenagers to listen to their mind and body--to know how much they can handle. 

(Grades 7-12) 

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