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Subject: Cults



Title:  Cults That Kill
Author 1: Kahaner, Larry
Author 2:
Publisher: Warner Books, Inc.
Date:  1988
Categories: Cults, Occult Crime, Satanism
Format: Resource
Call Number: C2400

Summary: This book began as an investigation into the growing phenomenon of Satanism in America.  It was to be a study of Satanists, their beliefs and practices.  The author's research found a hidden society, much larger and more disquieting than the world of Satanism alone, a place few people know exists.  This book details the new wave in crime through the eyes of those who are involved in it.  The reader will gain a better understanding of occult crime.

(Grades K-12)


Title:  Out of Darkness
Author 1: Sakheim, David K.
Author 2: Devine, Susan E.
Publisher: Lexington Books
Date:  1992
Categories: Cults, Satanism, Ritual Abuse
Format: Resource
Call Number: C2402

Summary: Out of Darkness focuses on the correlation between 'Satanism' and child abuse -- how extremist occult groups can severely abuse children, the resulting traumas that develop, and how psychotherapists, clergy and law enforcement personnel approach the problem.  In patients diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, treatment usually unveils a history of severe ritualistic abuse.  The authors hope that the more therapists understand about the history, beliefs and practices of satanic religion, about the patients who present as cult survivors, and about the treatment approaches that are being attempted, the better they will be able to help their patients understand and come to terms with their lives. 

(Grades K-12)



Title: Mario’s Gang: A Parent’s Guide to Separating Teens from Gangs
Author: Parenting Difficult Adolescents Series
Publisher: Kingsley Communications
Date: 1995
Categories: Cults, Gangs
Format: Video
Call Number: C2403

Summary: This video is part two of seven videos in Parenting Difficult Adolescents Series. This video is designed to be part of a learning experience that may be used by parents, teachers, counselors, or other community members. The video presents information pertaining to gangs such as why young people join gangs, ineffective parenting behaviors, signs of gang involvement, and effective parenting behaviors, while a skit is dramatized to demonstrate various gang activities. (21 min.)