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Subject: AIDS



Title:  AIDS:  What Young Adults Should Know
Author 1: Yarber, William L.
Author 2:
Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Health
Date:  1987
Categories: AIDS, High School Counseling
Format: Manual
Call Number: A0301

Summary: In this two-part manual, the instructor's guide accompanies the student guide by the same title.  The manual presents goals of school's AIDS education and a three session lesson plan.  Various test questions, answers, handouts and worksheets are provided.  (Grades 7-12)

Title:  When Someone You Love Has AIDS
Author 1: Moffatt, Betty Clare
Author 2:
Publisher: Nal Penguin, Inc.
Date:  1987
Categories: AIDS, Families, Death & Dying
Format: Text
Call Number: A0304

Summary: A mother's testimony of her son's battle with AIDS, medical aspects, helping the parents and friends of individuals with AIDS, patients with AIDS telling their stories, alternative therapies and two questionnaires are included in this book.  (Grades 7-12)



Title:  AIDS, the Family and the Community
Author 1:
Author 2:
Publisher: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Inc.
Date:  1991
Categories: AIDS, Family Counseling
Format: Video
Call Number: A0306

Summary: All terminal diseases burden the patient and his or her family with the pain and trauma of dying, as well as the social problems of job discrimination, fear of contamination and the loss of friends.  AIDS carries an additional social stigma, as if the disease were a dirty secret rather than a deadly virus.  This program examines some of the realities:  how AIDS is actually transmitted; how many cases of infection are the result of sexually active teens believing that it can't happen to them; how vital to patients and their families community support is; and how--no matter where we live--AIDS is already affecting us all in some way.  (Grades 7-12)