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Recruiting Policy

 Recruiting Policy: 

Emporia State University Career Services adheres to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (“NACE”) Principles for Professional Conduct and to the Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”) recruitment and employment guidelines and laws established by the Federal and Kansas governments. Employers and Third Party Recruiters participating in job listings and recruiting activities must adhere to NACE principles for ethical professional practive, as posted on, including but not limited to the use of student information and the Employment Services Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Positions should be of interest to college students or alumni. Career Services does not perform background checks on candidates or employers.

It is the policy of Career Services to accurately create and maintain schedules for employer interview days and mock interview days that are equitable and accessible to all ESU students and meet the needs and stipulations of the employer.  In providing high quality customer service to employers, Career Services also works with employers to assist in scheduling information sessions in the Memorial Union Main Street, or Rooms in the MU and Roe Cross Room. Career Services adheres to, communicates and enforces all institutional policies regarding on-campus events. 

ESU Career Services provides a part-time job listing service to benefit both employers and students of Emporia State. It is the policy of Career Services to list positions related to employment with legitimate employers that have an official business. Due to Career Services’ inability to validate jobs related to in-home care with private individuals, Career Services will no longer list jobs related to in-home care. This includes positions that require students to care for individuals in their home of any age (babysitting, senior companions, housekeeping, etc.). This policy is effective as of September 1, 2013.

ESU Career Services reserves the right to decline postings and recruitment for positions that require a financial investment by our students, or postings or recruitment for positions that may involve unreasonable risks, where known, or postings or recruitment for positions that conflict with the NACE principles of professional conduct.

Student Consent Policy:

All students are required to sign a consent form in Career Services that allows the department to maintain and manage the student’s information.  The consent form is available electronically within the Hire-a-Hornet system.  All students are required to sign this electronic consent form to receive services from Career Services.  In addition, the student has the choice to allow or not allow employers to view their profile and documents within Hire-a-Hornet.

Official Recruiting Visit Policy (ORV)

ESU Career Services provides employers and other organizations with a variety of professional recruiting opportunities. An Official Recruiting Visits (ORV) is defined as a recruiter or employer meeting with students to promote its organization and employment opportunities.  An ORV must be scheduled in advance with Career Services.

Types of Official Recruiting Visits

►        On-Campus Interviews: On-Site Interviews in Career Services scheduled through the Hire-a-Hornet online system.

►        Career Fairs: Employer table at career events on campus.  Career Fairs provide an excellent opportunity to meet students from freshman through graduate standing.  These events are held on the second level of the Memorial Union, which is a central location on campus.

  • All majors Career Fair
  • Education Career Fair
  • Part-time Job Fair
  • Graduate and Professional School Fair


►        Information Sessions: Opportunities to network with students and provide information on your organization. This is a chance for you to speak to potential candidates about the career or internship opportunities available in your organization.  Our office professionals will assist you with location, reservation of facilities and refreshments and online publicity for these sessions.

  • Classroom Presentations
  • Non-Classroom Presentations
  • Information Tables in Memorial Union


►        Miscellaneous Marketing Events:   Various marketing opportunities to increase your campus visibility.

  • Professional Etiquette Dinner
  • Employer Sponsorship of other events and/or electronic career management system
  • Lunch with Faculty
  • Mock Interview Days


Process for Non-Compliance:  If an outside party does not comply with the scheduling process more than once, Career Services reserves the right to deny all future requests for Official Recruiting Visits.

ESU Career Services are provided as a service to ESU students for their career development and employment efforts.  On-line job postings and recruiting services are provided to registered students and alumni only.  The presence of job announcements does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation by ESU, its employees, agents, governing board or the state of Kansas.

Students should take responsibility for all necessary precautions when interviewing for, or accepting these positions, and students are solely responsible for obtaining necessary information concerning employers.  ESU reserves the right to decline activities violating state or federal law, ESU policy, or that conflict with the NACE principles of professional conduct. In compliance with law, ESU allows equal access for military recruiters to participate in campus recruiting activities.

 Process to Request an Official Recruiting Visit (ORV)

  1. Contact Career Services with date request and type of recruiting visit
  2. Career Services grants approval either verbally or electronically and makes necessary arrangements for ORV.  All ORV’s must be scheduled through and approved by Career Services before representatives can recruit on campus.
  3. All regulations regarding ESU vendor contracts and policies of the Memorial Union must be followed.
  4. All applicable institutional policies regarding conduct and non-discrimination must be followed during an ORV.

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