Career Services Announces Credential File Change in 2015

Career Services is pleased to announce a new enhancement to the traditional credential file program at Emporia State University.  As you may know, hiring trends have changed significantly with new innovations in technology and application processes. These exciting changes improve efficiency and allow applicants to independently manage their own job search and documentation.  Career Services has decided to adapt our credential file service to align with these hiring trends, allowing student teachers and alumni to manage and submit materials directly to school districts independently as a part of the job search.

Did you know that a majority, (over 70%) of districts require candidates to submit documents or reference information directly into the online application system?  Because of this trend, Career Services no longer holds credential files and has moved to a completely “Self-Managed” credential file service as of September 1, 2015. Most universities have already phased out their traditional credential file services.  For specific information on a “Self-Managed Credential File” go to:

NOTE:  This does not affect one’s official university documents.  The materials in a credential file are used solely for applying for jobs within educational settings.  The ESU Records and Registration office will continue to maintain official university records for alumni such as transcripts and full academic records.

All credentials files remained active through September 1, 2015.  This allowed alumni to utilize their credential file during any upcoming job searches or applications processes.  

Lifetime Career Services for Alumni
Remember, as an Emporia State University Alumnus, you can work with our staff at any time, virtually or in person, on all professional services regarding your job search including resume reviews, practice interviews, job searches and networking.  Simply contact Career Services at 620-341-5407 or

Thank you for your support during this transformation.

June Coleman, Director
Jackie Lutz, Credential File Coordinator
Emporia State University Career Services