The CARE Team investigates matters of concern related to students; to coordinate interventions, and to make recommendations for further action.

The Team provides assistance to students in distress through consultation with concerned faculty, staff, and students; consistent communication between departments, and referral to campus and off-campus resources.

The Team has four main areas of focus:

Consultation: through consultation with faculty and staff, the Team ensures appropriate information exchange and provides support for campus personnel, and may be able to identify behaviors of concern to provide earlier intervention.

Assessment: when additional information is needed, the Team functions as an investigative body, charged with gathering relevant and confidential information to assess whether further action is required.

Referral: when warranted, the Team makes referrals to on- or off- campus resources.  University policy along with other legal and regulatory requirements, guide the team’s intervention strategies.

Education: the Team serves as a resource to educate the campus community on effective intervention strategies when concerns arise.