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Admission Information

Emporia State University administers a high-quality, student-centered curriculum designed to transform today's students into tomorrow's business leaders.

Who Should Apply

Students who thrive in the School of Business at ESU are commonly described as follows:

  • Well-rounded, prepared to learn, and coming from diverse backgrounds
  • Adept in quantitative as well as qualitative subjects
  • Eager to face complex challenges in a global business environment
  • Active problem solvers at work, in class, and in the community
  • Committed team players and clever individualists

Application Process

Undergraduate Process

Undergraduates should start by visiting Emporia State University Admissions. The Admissions office has helpful information on the following:

Graduate Process

Graduate Students should visit ESU Graduate Studies.

International Graduate and Undergraduate Process

International Students should check the Office of International Education.

Requirements for Admission into the School of Business

Generally, new undergraduate students take general education courses druing their freshman and sophomore years. These include a few introductory business courses. During their junior and senior years, students meet the academic requirements necessary for admission into the School of Business. At this point, students focus on their major or minor in business and take upper division business courses. Transfer students can be admitted to the School of Business by meeting the admission requirements for Business Students.