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Fall 2017 Catalog

(21 Hours Required)

Course  Name Hours
CS 115 or Elements of Computer Science or  3
CS 220 Introduction to Computer Science 3
CS 260 Programming & Problem Solving 3
CS 340 Algorithms & Data Structures I 3
CS 345 Algorithms & Data Structures II 3
CS 561 System Programming 3

*CS 220 Introduction to Computer Science is recommended as General Education course for CS majors.

Select at least 6 hours of Computer Science electives:

CS 315 Java Programming 3
CS 355 UNIX 3
CS 501 Advanced Computer Programming 3
CS 523 Artificial Intelligence  3
CS 542 Discrete Structures 3
CS 552 Principles of Software Engineering 3
CS 555 Principles of Computer Organization 3
CS 557 Operating Systems 3
CS 570 Theory of Computation 3

TOTAL HOURS                                21

Students seeking a Computer Science Minor are strongly urged to discuss their course choices with a computer science or information systems faculty member to gain a better understanding of the content of available courses with respect to the needs and interests of the individual student.

The Computer Science Major and Minor are housed in the ESU School of Business for any questions contact the Business Advising Center at 620-341-5523.