The Koch Center for Leadership and Ethics is devoted to the study of ethical leadership. What qualities result in ethical leadership? How can these qualities be taught and learned? How will anyone know if answers to these questions are valid? In order to address these and other questions that will arise, the future of the center will be a process of discovery toward valid and useful answers to these questions. This process of discovery will include:

  • Ongoing research
  • Development of course materials and curricula
  • Expanding workshops to include other projects to address the needs of diverse groups/interests
  • Creating an accessible archive of instruction and research


Visiting Scholar

Both an instruction and research position. Engages students in the classroom, through workshops, and with research projects. Participates in curriculum development and facilitates research with interested faculty and others.

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Faculty Grants

Grants are offered to faculty who are interested in adding a project to their courses that is based on the center's goals. The nature of the project and how it is to be included with the course is at the discretion of the faculty member. These projects can result in new research and/or presentations.

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Expanding the discussion of ethical leadership throughout and beyond the campus.