Nomination Form for Induction into Kansas Business Hall of Fame

In the form, please submit biographical information about the nominee. If any of the information is from publications, please identify the sources. Letters of support should be from persons in positions that would allow for objective evaluation of the nominees qualifications, rather than rigorous, lengthy, personal testimonials.

Please provide biographical information using the following criteria to develop support for the nomination:

  • Birthplace
  • Location of business
  • Was the nominee involved in an unusual or innovative business venture?
  • Illustration of the nominee's willingness to take risks
  • Illustration of concern for customers and/or employees
  • Evidence of leadership role in both business and society
  • Evidence of high standards of ethics
  • Evidence of statewide prominence in the industry
  • Evidence of national prominence in the industry
  • Examples of any major contributions to society
  • How did the nominee compare with others doing similar things?
  • How was the nominee a role model for others?

Nominee Information
Awards will be granted in one of the following categories. Please select the category in which you wish your nominee to be evaluated.
Nominator Information
The nominee will be judged on outstanding business performance coupled with high standards of ethics. In your nomination narrative, please address the following: