Kansas Business Hall of Fame Background

The Kansas Business Hall of Fame, Inc. was formally chartered as a not-for-profit organization on May 8, 1987. Following the guidelines of the American National Business Hall of Fame, the organization became a fully accredited member in September, 1987. It is the only such business recognition program in Kansas.

The Kansas Business Hall of Fame recognized business leaders, who through their high standards of ethics, have added to the prestige and growth of Kansas. By identifying outstanding examples of business leadership, the Hall of Fame shares with high school and college students and adults these stories of success and innovation through representative displays. The Hall of Fame creates an awareness of appreciation of Kansas' rich heritage of business leadership.

Business leaders who are selected for the Hall of Fame are widely known for their contributions to Kansas and who clearly merit recognition as a historical figure. Recognition is given to historical contributors and present day leaders who have made private enterprise work so well in Kansas.

Each Hall of Fame success story upholds a potential role model who emphasizes the importance of hard work, a willingness to take risks, a high standard of ethics, a concern for the customer and for the well-being of employees. Their contributions also illustrate the relationship that exists between profit and the economy.

The selection process begins with a review of nominations received from community groups, business leaders and others interested in acknowledging the outstanding contributions of Kansas business leaders. Those selected are submitted to the board for approval. The award categories for the Hall of Fame are: 

  1. Historical Heritage; 
  2. Contemporary; 
  3. Regional;
  4. Special recognition of a person or institution for unusual service to Kansas business.

The basic criterion for acceptance into the Hall of Fame is outstanding business performance coupled with a high standard of ethics. Usually the laureates are responsible for unusual or innovative business ventures and have made major contributions to our society. Those selected for the honor are now inducted into the Hall of Fame at an awards ceremony held as part of the June annual Kansas Cavalry Encampment.