Economic Development Through Tourism Development Program

A successful business/organization requires a good idea, a champion with passion, and a wide network of supporting persons and services. This program is intended to help spread this message to all in the broader community who may have such an idea, such a passion, or who may be able to support those with an idea and a passion.

The Economic Development through Tourism Development (EDTD)program here in the Center for Business and Economic Development (CBED) of the School of Business at Emporia State University moves forward in partnership with the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition, Inc.  We have been using a rural tourism (agri-tourism) development approach, to move this program forward.  Since mid-2005, this effort has been led by the 22-county Flint Hills Tourism Coalition (see Newsletters (link on left) for more details) with ESU as an active partner.

series of white papers have been prepared to provide background information on the Program and the Projects planned to implement the program.