Outstanding Alumni

Jeremy Luby

Senior Web Developer

American Century Investments
Overland Park, KS

Jeremy Luby Photo

Jeremy Luby, the senior web developer at American Century Investments’ E-Business Department, is responsible for managing not only web design but also the corporation’s search engine marketing and optimization, developing a crucial point of entry for clientele.

The former ESU webmaster who designed and implemented the current university website, Luby has also designed several web pages for non-profit groups and is the sole proprietor of Tenretni Computer Systems in Emporia. Luby has spoken at professional development seminars and to students, and he has donated books on financial planning to ESU students.

Like Larson, Luby stressed the importance of ESU’s one-on-one mentoring and small classes as a model of corporate life, crediting ESU with an atmosphere “of close communication and personal attention.” Luby received the Direct Channel Innovation Award and, as a special point of pride, he was inducted into the American Century Circle of Honor, an exclusive recognition Luby says was made possible by his ESU experiences.

Luby said the ESU emphasis on communication put him ahead of his colleagues, as did its curriculum. “The nature of ESU’s broad-based business curriculum allowed me to excel in all areas of our company, beyond my technology background,” Luby said, explaining that his career has led into finance, accounting and marketing in addition to his web design and administrative duties.

Luby is honored by the award and excited about attending the awards banquet. “The award is such an honor and a validation of a lot of hard work while I was attending ESU,” said Luby. “I will treasure this award like I cherish the two degrees hanging on my office wall.” He added that the most important thing about the award is the chance to visit his alma mater. “I have the opportunity to come back to ESU, to interact with many friends, colleagues, and mentors!”