2007 Herb Kuhn - Distinguished Alumni


Herb Kuhn Picture
Herb Kuhn, with his newly mounted Photo in Koch Lounge.

Herb Kuhn graduated from the ESU School of Business in 1979. Herb is the acting administrator for the Centers for Medicine and Medicaid Services at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C., where he is involved in all facets of management. He is a key liaison to Congress, providing testimony before Congressional committees.

A former ESU Alumni Association board member, Kuhn has spent his career advocating quality health care. In his previous position as director for the Centers for Medicare Management at the department, he developed and directed regulations and reimbursement policies for the Medicare program. Kuhn has also served Premier, Inc., the largest insurance company in the world, as corporate vice president, representing the alliance and member hospitals before Congress. Before joining Premier, he was vice president for federal relations in the American Hospital Association's D.C. office, and worked in the office of Rep. Bob Whittaker (R-Kan.).