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Dean's List - Spring 2016


Murtadha Almukhtar Accounting
Jaegeon An Marketing
Bronte' Bailey Business
Kathleen Binkley Accounting
Katelyn Blaylock Management
David Brokaw Accounting
Piper Brooks Marketing
Michael Ceramella Business Administration
Aaron Cherney Computer Science
Daniel Claassen Management
Emily Davis Business Administration
Kate Dorian Business
Taylor Fisher Marketing
Shane Garrison Accounting
Brittany Gilliland Accounting
Tawni Griffey Accounting
Victoria Harmon Business Administration
Jamie Henry Information Systems
Natalie Hill Accounting
Abby Hoffman Accounting
Marcus Houghton Business Administration
Chelsea Ingram Accounting
Joohee Jeon Marketing
Kristina Johnson Accounting
Shannon Kane Business Administration
Carrie Kellie Marketing
Alexandria Klema Business Administration
Yun Ma Business Administration
Michael Meloy Accounting
Nirav Patel Information Systems
Madison Rausch Business Administration
Brittany Rees Marketing
Lindsay Rein Management
Morgan Robbins Business
Zachary Shaw Management
Chloe Soetaert Marketing
Victoria Soileau Accounting
Alice Tunks-Jones Business Administration
Sai Wang Business Administration
Colton Whaley Marketing
Tyler Wolf Business
Yuqian Xiao Business Administration
Anna Zimmerman Business Administration
Rezin Zook Marketing


Ahmed Alfaraj Business Administration
Joslyn Barton Marketing
Fionna Colpan Accounting
Cameron Defebaugh Management
Addie Lackey Accounting
Austin McCosh Computer Science
Aubrey Plankinton Accounting
Moira Pyle Marketing
Daniel Rappard Computer Science
David Szabo Business Administration
Franziska Willenbuecher Business Administration


Christina Brunton Information Systems
Tanner Cairns Accounting
Jeremy Chase Business Administration
Megan French Accounting
Tatum Graves Accounting
Jacob Hubbard Accounting
Hayley Meisch Accounting
Paul Reichenberger Business
Yunchan Sun Business Administration
Andrea Zlab Business Administration


Hadi Al Sayednasser Business Administration
Mohammed Alsalman Marketing
Michael White Marketing
Qiqi Zhu Business Administration

Semester Honor Roll

The semester honor roll has the following characteristics and requirements:

  1. To qualify for the Semester Honor Roll, undergraduate and second bachelor students must earn a minimum 3.80 semester grade point average in at least 12 graded hours. The Semester Honor Roll is determined in the Spring and Fall terms only.

  2. Only letter grades of A, B, C, D, or F have an impact on grade point average.

  3. The words "Honor Roll" will appear on the student's semester grade report and on the semester academic record. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for determining who is included in the honor roll.