ESU Deposit Slip & Receipt

ESU Deposit Slip

     Deposit Slip

Instructions for Completion:

  1. Date deposit is made.
  2. Account number to be credited.
  3. Indicate taxable sales (enter a “T” for taxable or leave blank).
  4. Source code number to indicate the type of revenue received.
  5. Numerical dollar amount received for that source code.
  6. Description of why the revenue was received.
  7. Amount of sales tax collected and included in the deposit.
  8. Total cash received.
  9. Total check received.
  10. Total credit card payments received.
  11. Total deposit.

* A new line is to be used each time there is a change in source code or description. Separate deposit slips should be completed for deposits to different account numbers.


ESU Deposit Slip Receipt


  Deposit Receipt