Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I submit my poetry?
A. Visit the Submission Guidelines page.

Q. What do I win?
A. Manuscript publication and a $1000 award.

Q. How are the manuscripts judged?
A. Names are removed from all manuscripts submitted and each blind manuscript receives a contest entry number. The anonymous manuscripts are forwarded to a pool of preliminary judges, who are notable published poets. Manuscripts selected by the preliminary judges are sent to the final judge, who picks our winner. The winner is immediately notified and a flier announcing our winner is sent to all entrants who included a SASE with their submission.

Q. When is the winner announced?
A. The winner and final judge are announced over the summer or by early fall. Contestants who sent a SASE with their entry will receive a notification of the winner. The winner will also be posted on the website, typically before the fall mailing.

Q. How can I find out about the winner?
A. All entrants who includeded SASEs with their submissions will be sent fliers. Entrants may also check our webpage in the late spring or early summer for an announcement.
Manuscripts will not be returned.