Transfer Students in Biology

Below is a suggested 4-semester schedule for a person seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Emporia State University and who wishes to begin their college education at a community college. The required courses in biology, physics, and chemistry and the appropriate sequencing of pre-requisites for upper department courses prevents a student from only taking general education courses the first two years and then classes in the major the last two years, and graduating in four years. Thus, the schedule below incorporates some science classes from the biology program in the first two years.

The schedule is quite generic and would be appropriate for any of the concentrations in biology that are offered at Emporia State University. You should check the most recent catalog for the specific requirements of the concentration or pre-professional program in which you are interested. Be sure to note the footnotes associated with each course.

You should check the transfer guide for your institution to determine the equivalent course at your institution. If you have a questions about the most recent information concerning General Education as it relates to transferring to Emporia State University, contact the Admissions Office at 1-877-468-6378 ( or the Registration Office at 620-341-5211. Questions about the biology program in general or about specific biology courses should be referred to either David Edds ( or Dwight Moore ( in the Student Advising Center. If your community college is a member of the Heartland Alliance, the specific course equivalents are listed here.

First Semester (Fall)
EG 101  English Composition Ie      3
MA 110  College Algebrae            3
GB 140  Principles of Biologye,c    3
GB 141  Principle of Biology Labe,c 1
CH 123  Chemistry Ie,c              3
CH 124  Chemistry I Labe,c          2

Second Semester (Spring)
EG 102  English Composition IIe     3
PY 100  Intro. to Psychologye       3
CH 126  Chemistry IIc               3
CH 127  Chemistry II Labc           2
ZO 214  Biology of Animalsc         3
ZO 215  Biology of Animals Labc     1

Third Semester (Fall)
PE 103  Aerobic Dancee              1
PH 140  College Physics Ic          3
PH 141  College Physics I Labc      2
GE 101  World Regional Geographye   3
SP 101  Public Speakinge            3
BO 212  Biology of Plantsc          3
BO 213  Biology of Plants Labc      1

Fourth Semester (Spring)
SO 101  Intro. to Sociologye        3
AR 105  Art Exploratione            2
PE 100  Lifetime Fitnesse           1
PH 143  College Physics IIb         3
PH 144  College Physics II Labb     2
MC 316  Microbiologyc               3
MC 317  Microbiology Labc           1

e -- These courses meet the general education requirements at Emporia State University. In some cases, other courses could be substituted for those listed. You should carefully check the General Education requirements for ESU and their equivalencies at the community college that you are attending.

c -- These courses are required of all biology majors, however, a student may wish to take ZO362/363 (Human Anatomy and Physiology and Lab) and delay taking BO 212/213, MC 316/317, or ZO 214/215 to another semester. ZO 362/363 is not required for every concentration in biology but can be taken as a biology elective for any concentration. A student should check with an advisor before taking this or any biology course, other than those listed above, to determine if it fits a particular program.

b -- These courses are required on some biology programs (for example, pre-medical or pre-physical therapy) but are not required on others. For those programs that require these courses, the courses should not be delayed as that could result in delaying graduation and/or application to professional schools.