Pre-Medical Program

Why choose ESU for your Pre-Medical Program?

  1. Small class sizes. Because we have small class sizes, your instructors will get to know who you are, and you will get to know who your instructors are. This is very helpful when it comes time to write letters of recommendations for you as the faculty will know you as a person and will be able to support your application with specific examples of your accomplishments.
  2. Research Projects. Many of our students do an undergraduate research project which allows you to do hands-on research working under the direction of a faculty member. Many of these then students present their research at meetings and some win awards for their presentations.
  3. Advising. You will be advised by a member of the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee. These faculty members stay current with the latest information on admission to medical school and will provide you with timely help in preparing and applying for medical school.
  4. Caduceus Society. The Caduceus Society is the organization for students in a pre-health program. The organization is run by ESU students and meets twice a month. Numerous speakers from the local health-care community provide opportunities for students to explore different aspects of the health-care professions.
  5. Success. Almost all of our applicants who graduate with a 3.5 gpa, which is the average gpa for medical school, or higher are accepted into either a medical or osteopathic school.

In summary, as an ESU student you are provided many opportunities to get health-care experience in the Emporia community, you are provided a rigorous set of classes that prepare you well for success in medical school, and you are advised by faculty who care about your success.

A student who wishes to go to medical or osteopathic school must earn a baccalaureate degree and meet the requirements for medical or osteopathic school. A premed student can choose a major in any field. Therefore, there is not a set Pre-Medical curriculum that is followed by all students. Though any major is acceptable, most students at Emporia State University major in either Biology or Chemistry.

Regardless of major, all students must have 1 year of English, 1 year of general (inorganic chemistry), 1 year of organic chemistry, 1 year of physics, and 1 year of biology. These courses are those specifically required by The University of Kansas School of Medicine to which most of our students apply. In addition, biochemistry and statistics are highly recommended. The admission requirements for The University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas City are slightly different in that biochemistry and genetics are specifically required. For all Medical and Osteopathic programs students must also do well on the Medical College Admission Test. You should check the requirements of the specific schools to which you wish to apply.

For their first year, all Pre-Medical students at Emporia State University are advised through the Student Advising Center. At the beginning of their sophomore year, students are assigned a permanent advisor. If the student is a biology or chemistry major, this advisor will also be a member of the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee. Students who are not biology or chemistry majors should make a special effort to stay in contact with the chair of the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee in order to receive updates on information.

For more information on the Pre-Medical program contact in Biology:

Dwight Moore
Division of Biological Sciences
Emporia State University
Emporia, KS 66801
voice: 620-341-5611
FAX: 620-341-6057.

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Pre-Medical Curriculum in Biology (page 96 of pdf file)
Pre-Medical Curriculum in Chemistry (page 168 of pdf file)

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