Alumni -- M.S. or Ed.S. Students
Department of Biological Sciences


Changkun Hu, 2017
Title: Effect of Antioxidants Co-enzyme Q10 and β-carotene on the Cytotoxicity of Vemurafenib against Human Malignant Melanoma.

Hui Qian, 2017
Development of Cocktail Therapy against Human Malignant Melanoma by Combining Autophagy Inhibitors and Vemurafenib.

Huiyun Sun, 2017
Title: Differential Activation of P53 Downstream Genes in Malignant Melanoma Cells with Different Genetic Contexts

Yao Yan, 2017
The Anti-melanoma Effects of Heat Shock Protein Inhibitors in Combination with Vemurafenib.

Andrew Coleman, 2016

Title: Sound production in the Small-mouthed salamander (Ambystoma texanum).

Younan Ma, 2016

Title:  Characterization of the Antimicrobial Compound Produced by the Soil Bacterium Brevibacillus laterosporus.

Eric Wilson, 2016

Title:  Phenological assessment of marsh bird distribution within and among moist-soil managed wetlands in Kansas.

Ashley Messner, 2015

Title: Resource allocation after tail autotomy in the Great Plains Skink.

Guang Yang, 2015

Title: Effects of Vitamin C on the Cytotoxicity of Vemurafenib against Human Malignant Melanoma cells.

Nathan Holoubek, 2014

Title: Bird occupancy and nesting success in relation to habitat structure in the Cross Timbers oak savanna of Kansas.

Pam McClain, 2014

Title: Measurements of Stress Caused by Captivity for Five Species of Snakes in Kansas.

Maya McElfish, 2014

Title: Behavioral responses of two salamander species to the herbicide Atrazine.

Chen Yang, 2014

Title: Effect of miR-26a and let-7a on human malignant melanoma cells.

Younshim Park, 2014

Title: Detection of antibiotic resistance in the environment using functional metagenomics.

Emma Pauly-Hubbard, 2014

Title: Prairie Ring-necked snake Diadophis punctatus arnyi microhabitat selection.

Tyleia Prendergas, 2014

Title: Effect of postprandial temperature selection and meal size on digestion in the cornsnake (Pantherophis guttatus).

Xi Chen, 2013

Title: Diversity of the type I intron/its region of the 18S rRNA gene in Geomyces species from the red hills of Kansas.

Skyler Delmott, 2013

Title: Zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) maturation and seasonal gametogenesis in Marion Reservoir, Kansas.

Changjun Lin, 2013

Title: Beta-lactamase genes in soil bacteria isolated from the banks of the Niangua river in Missouri.

Yiting Ni, 2013

Title: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies of Effects of Zerumbone on Human Malignant Melanoma.

Ben Smith, 2013

Title: Zebra mussels in the Neosho River Basin: ecology and economics.

Levi Jaster, 2012

Title: Quality of warm- and cool-season grasslands as habitat for breeding Henslow’s sparrows (Ammodramus henslowii) in Missouri

Jessica Magana, 2012

Title: Metabolic Response of the Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) to Visual Contact with Predator and Prey.

Anthony Dalisio, 2011

Title: Song dialects in alpine-breeding songbirds of the Rocky Mountains.

Shelly Evans, 2011

Title: The effect of housing on stress levels in captive cornsnakes.

Chang Liu, 2011

Title: Molecular Mechanisms of Inhibitory Effect of Zerumbone on Human Malignant Melanoma Cells

Dandan Liu, 2011

Title: Isolation and identification of myxobacteria and associated bioactivity.

Jeffrey Miller, 2011

Title:  Habitat relationships and conservation of bats within the Red Hills of Kansas and Oklahoma.

Om Shrestha, 2011

Title: Fishes of Nepal: Mapping distributions based on voucher specimens.

Xiaobo Wang, 2011

Title: Effect of Mercuric Chloride at Sub-lethal Concentrations on the Survivability of Escherichia coli Cells Challenged by N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea or Ultraviolet Light.

Ashley Long, 2010

Title:  Avian responses to prescribed burning in a shrub-encroached, semiarid grassland.

Jeffrey Prendergast, 2010

Title: Anti-predatory behavior, costs of reproduction, and ectoparasitism in the muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus).

Lei Qiu, 2010

Title: Isolation of Sorangium cellulosum and bioactivity of secondary metabolites.

Ying Cao, 2009

Title: Identification and cloning of the gene responsible for the degradation of malachite green in Staphylococcus aureus ATCC29213.

Yunqi (Chloe) Zhao, 2009

Title: The Effects of Naturally Occurring Compounds on the Proliferation of Human Malignant Melanoma Cells.

Rick Morrow, 2008

Title: Metabolic rate is Influenced by Feeding, Time of Day, and Diet in Ornate Box Turtles, Terrapene ornata.

Richard B. Morrow, Jr., 2008

Title: Effects of meal size, meal composition, diel cycle, and season on oxygen consumption in the ornate box turtle, Terrapene ornata ornata.

Andy R. Wolfe, 2008

Title: Pro-angiogenic activity of uterine natural killer cells revealed using primary cultures.

Sarah J. Soard, 2007

Title: Vegetational and hydrological characteristics of created micro-depressional wetlands in Lyon County, Kansas.

Joshua D. Williams, 2007

Title: The effects of feed field characteristics on the wintering distribution of Canada geese in Lyon County, Kansas.

Mollie A. Humphries, 2006

Title: Impacts of small-scale habitat fragmentation on abundance and movements of Sigmodon hispidus and Microtus ochrogaster.

Barry F. Smart, 2006

Title: Ecological neighborhoods of small mammal communities at flint hills national wildlife refuge, Kansas : a multi-scale comparison of community and habitat structure.

Cody M. Snyder, 2006

Title: Mechanisms associated with the bacterial populations in the small intestine of cystic fibrosis mice.

Huimin Yan, 2006

Title: Cloning, overexpression, and purification of bacterial methionine aminopeptidase.

Joseph M. Njau, 2005
Title: Hormonal replacement therapy reduces b-amyloid toxicity : an Alzheimer's disease treatment model.

Brent S. Theede, 2005
Title: Use, efficiency, and hunter opinions of motion-wing decoys at Neosho Wildlife Area.

Jeri L. Toepfer, 2005
Title: Overexpression and analysis of murA from extremophiles.

Elizabeth M. Warburton, 2005
Title: Preadaptation toward parasitism in order Rhabditida (Nematoda).

Sukminder Singh, 2004
Title: Growth and secondary metabolite production of a historical collection of Sorangium cellulosum.

Jason Sutton, 2004
Title: Using science history reading to supplement science course content.

Samer AbuKakr, 2003
Title: Cadmium resistance in Staphylococcus sciuri.

Rami Al-khatib, 2003
Title: Anatomical changes during fruit ripening in two lines of Tabasco Pepper (Capsicum frutescens, Colanaceae).

Angela M. Babbit, 2003
Title: Metabolic and digestive parameters of Cope's Gray treefrog, Hyla chrysoscelis.

Matthew D. Combes, 2003
Title: Mussel assemblages upstream from three Kansas reservoirs.

Joseph Dean, 2003
Title: Karyotypic analysis of short-tailed shrews in (genus Blarina) in Northeastern Kansas.

Tsai-Ying Liu, 2003
Title: The potential for house cricket, Acheta domesticus, to acquire, harbor and transmit human pathogens.

Chanda Regier, 2003
Title: Effects of grassland management on butterfly abundance and species diversity in east central Kansas.

Myoung-gwi Ryou, 2003
Title: The role of blood viscosity in the regulation of hematocrit in tail-suspended rats (Rattus norvegicus) treated with pentoxifylline.

Inder M. Singh, 2003
Title: Cloning and overexpression of the enolpyruvyltransferases from Staphylococcus aureus.

Luke A. Westerman, 2003
Title: Predators of artificial nests in grasslands of east-central Kansas.

Kennith B. Chance, 2002
Title: A telemetric study of winter habitat selection by the American bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana, in east-central Kansas.

Brian E. Flock, 2002
Title: Landscape features associated with greater prairie-chicken lek locations in Kansas.

Heather D. Forster, 2002
Title: Territorial behavior in the salamander Plethodon albagula.

Lynne Fox-Parrish, 2002
Title: Attitudes and opinions of landowners and general citizens relative to the black-tailed prairie dog.

David P. Gillette, 2002
Title: Spatio-temporal patterns of fish assemblage structure and habitat use on gravel bars in the Neosho River, Lyon County, Ks.

Megan E. Kearney, 2002
Title: Digestive paramenters of the eastern collared lizard, Crotaphytus collaris.

Jared W. McJunkin, 2002
Title: Wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) population growth in Kansas and the potential for regulation by enteric helminths.

Nicole M. Palenske, 2002
Title: Blood viscosity and hematological parameters, in hibernating bullfrogs, Rana catesbeiana.

Stephanie A. Sherraden, 2002
Title: Mussel assemblages in a developing oxbow and a newly-cut channel of the Neosho River, Kansas.

Jeremy S. Tiemann, 2002
Title: Effects of lowhead dams on fish and benthic invertebrate assemblage structure in the Neosho River, with comments on the threatened Neosho madtom, Noturus placidus.

Jennifer J. Ziegler, 2002
Title: The role of various membrane transport mechanisms on erythrocyte osmotic resistance to lysing in the American bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana).

Jacqueline A. DeSanty, 2001
Title: Factors affecting habitat use by the fox squirrel (Sciurus niger rufiventer) in fragmented habitat of eastern Kansas.

Jennifer H. Jensen, 2001
Title: Landowner attitudes toward pronghorn in western Kansas.

Dorothy M. Nickless, 2001
Title: Growth conditions affecting the expression of amylase in Bacillus species.

Andrea C. Ostroff, 2001
Title: Distribution and mesohabitat characteristics of river otter in eastern Kansas.

Dana M. Slaughter, 2001
Title: Antibiotic resistance in coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from Cope's Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis).

Michael V. Snyder, 2001
Title: Seasonal variation in hematology, body composition, and food caches of eastern woodrats (Neotoma floridana).

Jonathan E. Stein, 2001
Title: Biology of nonindigenous white perch and yellow bass in an oxbow of the Missouri River.

Kevin J. Aldrich, 2000
Title: An investigation of factors influencing erythrocyte osmotic fragility among selected ectothermic and endothermic vertebrates.

Thomas Benenati, 2000
Title: Effects of plant density on chasmogamy and cleistogamy in Lespedeza cuneata (Fabaceae).

Shannon D. Fann, 2000
Title: Phylogenetic relationships derived from neonatal development in Peromyscus maniculatus, Sigmodon hispidus, and Mus musculus.

Cindy M. Moore, 2000
Title: Temperature-mediated characteristics of the dusky salamander (Desmognathus fuscus) of Southern Appalachia.

Toni Patton, 2000
Title: Epidemiological typing of Serratia marcescens.

Matthew S. Peek, 2000
Title: Attitudes and characteristics of Kansas trappers.

Douglas A. Robinson, Jr., 2000
Title: The effects of food supplements on eastern bluebird nestling growth and survival.

Judson F. Spicer, Jr., 2000
Title: A nonlethal genetic study of freshwater mussels using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis.

Nu Nu Wai, 2000
Title: Water relations in Vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash).

Joan M. Young, 2000
Title: A comparison of Lespedeza cuneata (Sericea lespedeza) with three prairie grasses: Andropogon gerardi (Big Bluestem), Andropogon scoparius (Little Bluestem), and Sorghastrum nutans (Indiangrass).

Matthew R. Applegate, 1999
Title: Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in ground turkey and turkey frankfurters using ELISA, DNAH, and USDA protocols prior to, and following, exposure to ultracold temperatures.

Angela G. Bulger, 1999
Title: Population structure, habitat use, and breeding behavior of the Neosho Madtom, Noturus placidus.

Misa Inomata, 1999
Title: 3-Hydroxyacyl-coa dehydrogenase activity in fasted crayfish (Orconectes virilis) hepatopancreas and flexor muscle tissues.

William E. Jensen, 1999
Title: Nesting habitat and responses to habitat edges of three grassland passerine species.

Frank C. Kuhn, 1999
Title: Cloning and functional homology of secd within the Enterobacteriaceae.

Ngoni I. Kunonga, 1999
Title: Prevalence of the multiple antibiotic resistance operon (marRAB) in the genus Salmonella.

Marc A. Minear, 1999
Title: Biotic and abiotic factors of borrow pits in Lyon County, Kansas.

Datc J. Schneidewind, 1999
Title: Fish quality changes under two fisheries management plans.

Ching W. Tseng, 1999
Title: Genetic variability of Escherichia coli 0157:H7.

Jeffrey D. Witters, 1999
Title: Two management regimes in the tallgrass prairie: effects on plants and small mammals.

David T. Ganey, 1998
Title: The diet of pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) in the tallgrass prairie.

Chad V. Gatlin, 1998
Title: Beaver in the Great Plains: habitat suitability index and flooding.

Chris D. Hase, 1998
Title: The Effects of body size, season, and food type on food selection of eastern woodrats.

Eric Kessler, 1998
Title: Retreat-Site Selection by Diadophis punctatus and Carphophis vermis in Eastern Kansas.

Sogolo L. Lebelo, 1998
Title: Effects of stress on blood viscosity and other blood parameters in striped bass (Morone saxatilis) (Walbaum).

Nang K. Noam, 1998
Title: Remote sensing and tree-ring study of forest condition in Northeastern Kansas.

Jean H. Schulenberg, 1998
Title: Community composition, demographics, and competitive responses in three prairie grasses.

Li-Hua Chen, 1997
Title: LDH activity and isozyme patterns in crayfish (Orconectes nais) under Conditions of seasonal change.

Jessica A. Filosa, 1997
Title: Effects of aceytlsalicylic acid on blood viscosity in healthy rats (Rattus norvegicus).

Vincent Hesting, 1997
Title: Environmental correlates of cove fish assemblage structure in Melvern Lake, Kansas.

Robert Brent Lee, 1997
Title: Acquisition of Listeria monocytogenes from powdered dairy products using ELISA and DNA gene probe assays prior to, and following, freezing of samples at -10 degrees C and -70 degrees C.

Hua Liu, 1997
Title: Comparison of lactate dehydrogenase in simulated hibernating and active room temperature turtles (Trachemys scripta).

Michael D. Mealman, 1997
Title: The impact of holistic resource management and continuous season-long grazing on aquatic and riparian habitat.

Kristen J. Mitchell, 1997
Title: Shorebird usage of a reclaimed wetand on the Central Great Plains.

Ian M. Satomi, 1997
Title: Water regimen in vegetated and unvegetated pools in relation to chironomid occurrence and abundance.

Michael D. Warriner, 1997
Title: Biogeographic patterns of passerines during the breeding season.

Christopher D. Wilkinson, 1997
Title: Spatial pattern of fish assemblage structure and environmental correlates in the Spring River basin, with emphasis on the Neosho madtom (Noturus placidus).

Michael A. Craig, 1996
Title: A comparison of three woodland habitats in east central Kansas.

Frances E. Durbian, 1996
Title: Effects of successional stage and plant association on moist soil unit macroinvertebrates.

Kembra L. Howdeshell, 1996
Title: Effects of estrogen on selected reproductive parameters of the male plains leopard frog, Rana blairi.

Zhenqiang Li, 1996
Title: Isolation, characterization, and kinetics of mitochondrial F1-ATPase from crayfish, (Orconectes nais) gills.

Katie M. McGrath, 1996
Title: Human influence on mammalian biodiversity of public lands in the United States.

Brian Obermeyer, 1996
Title: Unionidae (Bivalvia) of the Arkansas River system of SE Kansas and SW Missouri: species of concern, historical change, commercial harvest, and sampling methods.

Karrie I. Rathbone, 1996
Title: Determining allelopathic potential for two weed species in the Flint Hills.

Chris A. True, 1996
Title: Effect of free-ranging domestic cats on small mammals.

Jeffrey D. Walker, 1996
Title: Pesticide flow and concentration variation through the McPherson Valley Wetlands.

Kelly S. Conrad, 1995
Title: Value of eastern woodrat (Neotoma floridana) houses.

Arn W. Eccles, 1995
Title: Utilization of tallgrass prairie by pronghorn in winter and spring based on GIS techniques.

Jay Jeffrey, 1995
Title: Spring movements, regional fidelity, and spawning of sauger (Stizostedion canadense) in Melvern Reservoir, Kansas, and the global positioning system for aquatic surveys.

William G. Welch, 1995
Title: The effect of suburban sprawl on small mammal populations in wooded areas.

Terri A. Abbett, 1994
Title: Avian density, diversity, and species richness in riparian corridors and shelterbelts of east-central Kansas.

Wade B. Fothergill, 1994
Title: Secondary succession in two abandoned landfills in east-central Kansas.

L. Page Fredericks, 1994
Title: Genetic variation in insular populations of the eastern woodrat (Neotoma floridana) in a forest-prairie mosaic.

James M. Hardesty, 1994
Title: Results of transplanting advanced size largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) into El Dorado Reservoir.

James Peterson, 1994
Title: Ecology of Ixodid ticks in east central Kansas.

Marylee A. Ramsay, 1994
Title: Preliminary investigation into aspects of the population biology of the Yucca moth, Tegeticula yuccasella, and the plant Yucca filamentosa.

Charles D. VanGundy, 1994
Title: The use of nest boxes by rural and suburban eastern screech-owls (Otus asio).

Atsuko Fukuike, 1993
Title: Pregnenolone metabolism in developing follicles of the frog Rana pipiens.

Linda C. Fuselier, 1993
Title: Habitat restoration and seasonal habitat use by Neosho madtoms (Noturus placidus), and spatio-temporal variation of fish assemblages in the Cottonwood River, Kansas.

C. S. Reddy Meka, 1993
Title: A Novel Role for the Cytokine Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF) in the Induction of mRNA for Ovine Interferon Tau.

Shannon L. Rothchild, 1993
Title: Mortality, home range, and habitat use of pronghorn fawns within tallgrass prairie of eastern Kansas.

Paul Shipman, 1993
Title: Alligator snapping turtle (Macroclemys temminckii) habitat selection, movements, and natural history in southeast Kansas.

Bernard E. Sietman, 1993
Title: Ecology and genetics of freshwater mussels in the Neosho and Cottonwood rivers of Eastern Kansas.

Tony E. Spaar, 1993
Title: Calanoid recovery in Lake Reading eight years after termination of threadfin shad stocking.

Michael E. Douglas, 1992
Title: Isolation and identification of bacterial pathogens from zoo animal populations.

Benjamin J. Frey, 1992
Title: Fluctuating asymmetry in crayfish populations inhabiting lead and cadmium polluted aquatic systems.

Elizabeth D. Jorgensen, 1992
Title: Home ranges of coyotes (Canis latrans) in the Flint Hills of Kansas and predation on pronghorn fawns.

Futoshi Kobayashi, 1992
Title: Characterization of oviductal aromatase in the northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens).

Charles B. Marchbanks, 1992
Title: Factors influencing muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) choice of farm ponds in the Flint Hills.

Dena K. Podrebarac, 1992
Title: The distribution of house finch in Kansas and studies of competition between the house finch and the house sparrow in Kansas during winter.

Bradley D. Simpson, 1992
Title: Behavior, home range, and habitat use of pronghorn translocated to tallgrass prairie in east-central Kansas.

Sondra A. Dubowsky, 1991
Title: Effects of testosterone on oviduct growth in the northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens).

Rolland N. Fraser, 1991
Title: Periphyton standing crops on natural and artificial substrates in a Flint Hills stream.

Jamie Morrissey, 1991
Title: Heavy metals in an intermittent stream below a landfill: concentrations in water, sediment, crayfish and fish.

Darin R. Porter, 1991
Title: Gut morphology and genetic variation as predictors of population vigor in the greater prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus cupido) in Kansas.

William A. Schountz, 1991
Title: Analysis of cDNA and gDNA libraries of human herpesvirus 6 by monoclonal antibodies to virus infected cells.

Gregory G. Stone, 1991
Title: Relationship between macrophage oxidative metabolism and antitularemia activity influenced by inflammatory agents.

Jessie Thomas, 1991
Title: The study of DNA polymerase in resistant and susceptible macrophages infected with vaccinia virus.

Christopher G. Vitt, 1991
Title: Karyotypic analysis of short-tailed shrews (Blarina) in northeastern Kansas.

Alan D. Weinbrenner, 1991
Title: Nest site selection on Flint Hills impoundments by canada geese, Branta canadensis.

Linda Cox, 1990
Title: Mycobacteria other than tuberculosis in Eastern Kansas water supplies.

Erick Jensen, 1990
Title: Effectiveness of a purported insect repeller.

Mark E. LaBarge, 1990
Title: Muscle fiber types in a migratory and a non-migratory avian species.

Richard E. Miller, 1990
Title: Effect of rock salt on populations of Lepomis in small stream habitats.

Robert M. Prather, 1990
Title: Organic carbon, bulk density, and microbial biomass in reseeded Kansas farmland soils.

Bruce Rhodes, 1990
Title: Distribution of two chromosomal races of Peromyscus leucopus in central Kansas.

Craig L. Romary, 1990
Title: Evaluation of the habitat suitability index models for the black-capped chickadee and downy woodpecker.

Judy K. Schnell, 1990
Title: Seed ecology of Illinois bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis).

Milton E. Demory, 1989
Title: Bordetella pertussis evaluation of rapid plasmid isolation procedures.

Donald R. Eccles, 1989
Title: An evaluation of survey techniques for determining relative abundance of river otters and selected other furbearers.

Jennifer K. Frey, 1989
Title: Morphologic variation in the Mexican vole (Microtus mexicanus).

Michael B. Heffron, 1989
Title: Bioenergetics of wintering greater prairie-chickens.

Carolyn S. Kliewer, 1989
Title: Pericentric inversions as a reproductive isolating mechanism in white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus).

Mbalanda M. Mpwo, 1989
Title: Intracellular mechanisms of innate resistance to Vaccinia virus.

Jeffrey J. Rabe, 1989
Title: Habitat preference of two subspecies of the eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus) in Kansas.

Jose W. Rodriguez, 1989
Title: Antimicrobial effect of essential oils from spices on growth of food-borne microorganisms.

Larry Wahl, 1989
Title: Vegetation analysis of Seaman Area: A Northeastern Kansas Outdoor Education Facility.

Susanna L.Y. Wong, 1989
Title: Solubilization of anion-sensitive ATPase from gill tissues of crayfish, Orconectes nais.

Shahilon Abd-Halim, 1988
Title: Coldhardiness of cogongrass, Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv.

David L. Blew, 1988
Title: Key to dorsal guard hairs of Kansas mammals.

Kitty Sue Bobbitt, 1988
Title: Steroid levels sand gravid coloration in Crotaphytus collaris.

James F. Bruce, 1988
Title: Genetic variation of the Topeka shiner, Notropis topeka, (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) in Kansas.

Naseem Sadeghi, 1988
Title: Quantitative analysis of the fermentation products of Enterobacter aerogenes.

Joseph L. Vacca, 1988
Title: Ovarian steroid secretion and effects of testosterone in female Rana pipiens.

Z. N. Al-Saadi, 1987
Title: Electron microscopy of the follicular envelope in fed and non-fed leopard frogs.

Alisa J. Bridge, 1987
Title: Effects of estrogen, antiestrogen, and feeding on egg maintenance in the leopard frog.

Craig M. Cavanaugh, 1987
Title: Grass seeding old fields in Kansas.

Phillip Duerksen, 1987
Title: Soil seed banks: under native prairie and reseeded old fields.

Scott L. Satterthwaite, 1987
Title: Relation of range condition to sediment loading in down stream impoundments.

Susanne C. Springer, 1987
Title: Disinfectant Effectiveness, Alcide vs. Hypochlorite.

Judy F. Barber, 1986
Title: A comparative study of nitrogen forms in a tallgrass prairie and agricultural field.

Jay M. Barber, 1986
Title: Ecology of Topeka shiners in Flint Hills streams.

Robert G. Hamilton, 1986
Title: Winter avian use of fragmented woodlands.

Fatah Kashanchi, 1986
Title: A comparative study of early events in resistant and susceptible macrophages infected with vaccinia virus.

James A. Ptacek, 1986
Title: Avian community structure in Kansas riparian forests.

David K. Saunders, 1986
Title: Bioenergetics of wintering Scaled Quail.

Russell G. Warner, 1986
Title: Reproduction, movement and survival of the eastern woodrat.

Gene F. Cota, 1985
Title: Lysolecithin induction of cell fusion.

Salam Z. El-Agha, 1985
Title: Use of horseradish peroxidase to trace nerve cell connections in turtles.

Grand Odokara, 1985
Title: Roles of baker's yeast and brewer's yeast in supporting development of Drosophila.

V. Ann Scheve, 1985
Title: The effects of dimethyl sulfoxide on component fractions of aspergillene.

Timothy D. Stephens, 1985
Title: Avian and mammalian faunas of Swartz Canyon, Kansas.

Roger L. Wolfe, 1985
Title: Growth of channel catfish in two farm ponds in the Kansas Flint Hills.

Virleen Bailey, 1984
Title: Seasonal roadside ditch use by Microtus and Sigmodon.

Rebecca S. Basgill-Rott, 1984
Title: A comparison study of the Autobac system and microdilution method for assessing antimicrobial combinations.

Roger D. Blew, 1984
Title: Rhizosphere nitrogen fixation (C-b2-sH-b2-s reduction) associated with the major species of the tall grass prairie.

Vickie E. Clark, 1984
Title: Mechanism of genetically endowed macrophage resistance.

Thomas M. Klein, 1984
Title: Organochlorine Residue in the Big Brown Bat, Eptesicus fuscus.

Daryl W. Meierhoff, 1984
Title: The effects of Phytophagous insects on the production of seeds from Baptisia spp. and Astragalus crassicarpus in Lyon County, Kansas.

Jeffery E. Olofson, 1984
Title: A study of the woody flora along the fork of the Republican River in Cheyenne County, Kansas.

Margaret S. Ptacek, 1984
Title: Reproductive ecology and habitat analysis of the northern spring peeper (Hyla c. crucifer) in southeastern Kansas.

Robert G. Rose, 1984
Title: An ecological study of Terrapene ornate in Kansas.

Sally A. Wilk, 1984
Title: Tallgrass prairie range assessment techniques.

Gregory J. Bruner, 1983
Title: Coexistence strategies of Daphnia in Lake Reading.

Omaira J. de Guanipa, 1983
Title: Toxicity of nucleic acid bases on Drosophila cell cultures.

Daniel E. Haines, 1983
Title: Discrimination and hybridization in Peromyscus.

Gregg N. Milligan, 1983
Title: A proposed mechanism for the inhibition of Vaccinia virus by mouse macrophages.

Donald R. Patton, 1983
Title: Seasonal population structures of two coexisting Diaptomus species.

Greg R. Wedd, 1983
Title: Neosho River larval fish in Coffey County.

Byron E. Berger, 1982
Title: Winter food potential for brown creepers in Kansas.

Linda D. Clarke, 1982
Title: Display behavior of Leiocephalus (Iguanidae).

Craig M. Dunn, 1982
Title: Some aspects of mayfly (Ephemeroptera: Stenonema) ecology in a Neosho River riffle, Lyon County, Kansas.

Hassan M. Felemban, 1982
Title: A comparative niche study of wintering woodpeckers.

Paul L. Milks, 1982
Title: Ear/horn relationships of the pronghorn.

Donna Pritchard, 1982
Title: Genetic variance in the prairie deer mouse.

Kevin L. Will, 1982
Title: Summer birds of four southwestern Kansas counties.

Esther W. Will, 1982
Title: Effects of temperature on fatty acids of crayfish tissues.

Melvin D. Fuqua, 1981
Title: Effects of paraquat on various stages of rainbow trout.

Tim Hayes, 1981
Title: A floristic analysis of Ross Natural History Reservation vegetative units.

Pando Markuly, 1981
Title: Effects of plyometric and isokinetic exercise programs on vertical leaping ability.

F. David Peck, 1981
Title: Seasonal metabolic changes in the frog, Rana pipiens.

Bruce Ramundo, 1981
Title: The effect of temperature on the m-RNA of Aeromonas species.

Isidore A. Udoudoh, 1981
Title: Isolation and description of thermophilic fungi having unusual nutritive requirements.

Alan K. Benear, 1980
Title: The effect of a renovated sewage treatment plant on the Cottonwood River, Kansas.

Mary C. Buehrer, 1980
Title: The effects of L-glutamate, mono-potassium salt on whole live spinach plants.

Burt E. Eustace, 1980
Title: The limnology of Wyandotte County Lakes, Kansas.

Noboru Nakamichi, 1980
Title: In vitro tracer study of a chemical carcinogen.

Michael Nelson, 1980
Title: The vascular flora of Doniphan County, Kansas.

Mark A. Schreiber, 1980
Title: Riffle beetles (Coleoptera: Elmidae) of the Cottonwood-Neosho River drainage in East-Central Kansas.

Babak Shidani, 1980
Title: A study of factors which affect the resistance of alveolar macrophages to Vaccinia virus.

Keith I. Smith, 1980
Title: Observations of a captive least weasel (Mustela nivalis) from Ottawa County, Kansas.

Wanida Sritecha, 1980
Title: Inhibitional effects of the four dominant tall grass prairie species on themselves and associated plants.

John E. Ward, 1980
Title: The interaction of stimulated mouse macrophages with Vaccinia virus in vitro.

Stephen M. Williams, 1980
Title: Habitat requirements of wood duck broods on rivers.

Moshen Fakhari, 1979
Title: A hemolytic relationship between Staphylococcus aureus and Proteus mirabilis on sheep red blood cells.

John B. Harclerode, 1979
Title: Affects of rooting hormones of African violet cuttings (Saintpaulia ionantha).

Constance J. F. Stephens, 1979
Title: Glucocorticoid effects on open field running and aggression.

Walai Dilogwathana, 1978
Title: Chickweed inhibition.

Richard A. Everett, 1978
Title: Perisympathetic neurosecretion in the American cockroach: an electron microscopic study.

Robert H. Kaiser, 1978
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