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BSE: Bachelor of Science in Education

This program is designed to satisfy requirements to teach art in the secondary and/or elementary schools in Kansas.

This program prepares the student to teach PreK-12 art.  The program assumes that nurturing qualified art teachers includes the specialized preparation to develop visual art skills; the art educator must be a competent active artist.
Satisfactory completion of the requirements for this degree entitles the graduate to a license to teach art, issued by the Kansas State Department of Public Instruction to teach PreK-12 art.
Requirements for admission to teacher education and recommendation for a teaching certificate are outlined under the degree Bachelor of Science in Education-Secondary Education Major. Students must successfully complete all Professional Education Requirements.
Students must also complete all General Education Requirements.
The student must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all art courses (AR), and must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in all art courses (AR) required for the Bachelor of Science in Education, Art Teaching Field. In addition, a 2.75 overall GPA is required for admission to the professional education program.
At least 45 hours in courses numbered 300 or above must be completed for the degree.
PPST Examinations in reading (173), writing (172), and mathematics (174) must be passed to be admitted to Phase I of Teacher Education.
Principles of Learning Test: Students must pass the PLT for state licensure.
In addition to the following courses, all art majors are required to complete the course AR 225 Art History I, as part of the General Education requirements.

Basic Art Requirements (23 hours):
AR 101 Basic Drawing 3 hours
AR 102 Two-Dimensional Design 3 hours
AR 103 Three-Dimensional Design 3 hours
AR 235 Art History II 3 hours
AR 322 Life Drawing 3 hours
AR 324 Elementary Art Education 2 hours
AR 334 Secondary Art Education 3 hours
AR 345 20th Century Art History
OR 3 hours
AR 355 Art Since 1945

Additional Art Requirements (24 hours):
AR 204 Fibers I 3 hours
AR 206 Metals I 3 hours
AR 305 Intro to Digital Imaging 3 hours
AR 310 Painting I 3 hours
AR 313 Printmaking I 3 hours
AR 314 Ceramics I 3 hours
AR 315 Photography I 3 hours
AR 323 Sculpture I 3 hours

Elective Art Requirements (8 hours):
The student chooses 8 or more hours from the following:
AR 304 Fibers II 3 hours
AR 306 Metals II 3 hours
AR 316 Ceramics II 3 hours
AR 317 Photography II 3 hours
AR 326 Printmaking II 3 hours
AR  330 Painting II 3 hours
AR 333 Sculpture II 3 hours

All art majors must satisfactorily complete AR 099 - Art Forum every semester, with the exception of the senior semesters.

AR 095 - First Year Experience and AR 098 - Mid-Program Portfolio Review are required for all art majors.

Cumulative grade point average 2.75 and PPST
Examinations in reading (173), writing (172), and
mathematics (174) must be passed to be admitted
to PHASE I of Teacher Education.


I. Must be completed during Freshman/Sophomore year.
ED 220 Intro. to Teaching (2) "C" minimum

II. May be taken any semester before completing requirements.
SE 550 Survey of Exceptionality (3)

III. Supervised child advocacy experience (100 hours required
for PHASE I admission)

IV. Must be taken during the Junior year PHASE I. (2.75 G.P.A. required)
ED 333 Principles of Secondary Education. (3)
PY 334 Educational Psychology (3)
ED 335 Observation/Participation (1)
CE 400 Teacher's Role in Guidance (2)

V. May be taken any semester after qualifying for PHASE I.
ED 416 Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools (2)

VI. Must be completed during the Senior year PHASE II.
(2.75 G.P.A. required)
ED 431 Professional Relations of Teachers (2)
*LE 490 Student Teaching Secondary (12)
*Certification requirements to teach art in both the middle schools
and secondary schools of Kansas requires a 12 hour combination of
the following courses:
LE 462 Student Teaching Middle School
LE 490 Student Teaching Secondary