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BFA General Education requirements:


EG 101 English Comp I* and  

EG 102 English Comp II* (*must earn a “C” or higher)  

Speaking & Listening:  

SP 100 Interpersonal Communications___  or  SP 101 Public Speaking ____

Quantitative & Mathematical Reasoning:  3-5 hrs from approved core list: 

MA 110 College Algebra, MA 111 MA 111 College Algebra with Review, MA 156 Principles of Mathematics

Information Technology:  2-3 hrs from approved core list:

UL 100 Info Literacy and Technology

IS 110/113 Intro to Micro Computer Applications  

Creative Arts:  6-8 hrs from approved core list: 

AR 225 Art History I and MU 226 Music Appreciation and TH 105 Theatre Appreciation  

Humanities:  6 hrs from approved core list (select from two different areas): 

HI 101 World Cultures to 1500, HI 102 Modern World Civilizations, HI 111 US History To 1877, HI 112 US History Since 1877 

EG 207 Literary Perspectives, JO 200 Mass Communications

PI 225 Intro to Philosophy, PI 301 Ethics

Life & Physical Sciences:  9-11 hrs from approved core list: 

GB 100 General Biology, GB 101 General Biology Lab and

ES 110/111 Intro to Earth Science/Lab or PH 110/111 Intro to Space Science/Lab, or see course catalog for more options

Social & Behavioral Sciences:  6 hrs from approved core list (select from two different areas):

AN 325 Native Peoples of North America, EC 101 Basic Economics, BC 103 Principles of Economics, PY 100 Intro to Psychology, PO 100 Intro to Gov & Political Science, PO 121 American National Government, PO 322 State and Local Gov & Politics, SO 101 Intro to Sociology, SO 202 Social Problems

Multicultural Perspectives:  6-13 hrs from approved core list:  

AN 210 Contemporary Cultures, ID 301 Issues in Ethnic & Gender Studies, GE 101 World Regional Geography, GE 454 Cultural Geography, or       PO 330 International Relations, AB 110 Arabic Lang & Culture I, AS 110 Chinese Lang & Culture,  FR 110 French Lang & Culture I, GR 110 German Lang & Culture I, SA 110 Spanish Lang & Culture I

Personal & Social Well-Being:  4-6 hrs from approved core list:  

BU 241 Personal Finance, BU 293 Ethics, Social Resp & Sustainability, LR 170 Principles of Leadership, HL 150 Critical Health Issues and Decisions in Society, PE 100 Active Living, SO 261 Intimate Relationships

Note that no single course may be used to fulfill two core areas simultaneously. In most cases, students may satisfy both a core requirement and a major requirement with a single course.