Art-Bachelor of Fine Arts

This program of studies is designed to prepare students to work professionally in an art field or to study at the advanced level at a graduate or professional school. Students complete coursework focused on a concentrated subject area.

We offer BFA concentrations in the following studio areas:


Engraving Arts


Graphic Design





Art Education (Teaching)

Our university continues to excel in teacher education, as it has for over 125 years. The Bachelor of Science in Education degree program prepares students to teach art at the K-12 level.

Art-Bachelor of Science (Art Therapy Preparation)

Art-Bachelor of Science students elect a second complimentary area of study.  The Art Therapy Preparation curriculum track includes a second area of study in psychology. This course of study has been designed to prepare students for admittance to masters graduate programs in Art Therapy. 

Art-Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Art students pursue a well-rounded liberal-arts program of study, and elect a second area of study (for example, marketing, journalism, or public relations) to develop alternate career options.


The Department of art provides course work on the graduate level for returning teachers who desire to update their preparation and extend their skills, and for students choosing an elective in art as part of their program for a master's degree in another field, such as education.