Norman R. Eppink and Gilson Memorial Galleries

Calendar of Events 2016-2017

Gallery Hours Monday – Friday 10-3 pm

All exhibitions and openings are free and open to the public.


August 22 - September 28, 2016

Constructed Photography 
The exhibition features work by various artists who are pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally considered photography or the practice of photography.  Curated by Assistant Professor of Art, Morgan Willingham, this invitational exhibition will present contemporary photographers working in non-traditional photographic styles.
Artist Reception: August 29, 5-7 pm, Bruder Theater Lobby, Emporia State University


October 3 - 14, 2016

Mid-Program Portfolio Review
Gilson Memorial Gallery


October 17 - November 18, 2016

Emporia State University Art Faculty Exhibition
This exhibit highlights the creative research produced by the current faculty teaching in the Department of Art at ESU.  A tradition that spans over six decades, the Annual Faculty Exhibition is a celebration of the art of the making process with the opportunity to view new and original works produced by the outstanding art faculty of Emporia State University.
Artist Reception: October 17, 5-7 pm, Bruder Theater Lobby, Emporia State University


January 20 - March 3, 2017

Sabbatical Exhibition - Patrick Martin
Glass Sculpture:
Professor Patrick Martin will present some of the creative projects he was able to realize during his fall sabbatical.  The Sabbatical is a period of paid leave granted to a college professor for personal research and/or travel.  It is one of the most coveted, competitive awards in academia and represents a precious quantity of time to expand and develop new skills and valuable knowledge.  The exhibition will present some of the fruits of this extended period of personal research.
Artist Reception: TBA


March 6 - 17, 2017

Mid-Program Portfolio Review
Gilson Memorial Gallery


April 4 - 28, 2017

Annual Juried ESU Art Student Exhibition
This annual exhibition of artworks created by ESU students will be selected by an outside juror, and will showcase the efforts of the students currently working in the Department of Art.  This competitive exhibition is held each spring semester to provide art students with the real world experience of participating in a professionally juried art show.  An outside expert nominated by the art faculty will review and select the best student work of the academic year.  Scholarships designated by the Department of Art will be awarded at the reception.
Artist Reception: April 4, 5-7 pm, Bruder Theater Lobby, Emporia State University


April 4 - 28, 2017

Salon de Refuses Student Exhibition: Emporia Arts Center
Historically, we know that sometimes the critical eye of the juror selecting a show does not always initially recognize the most unique or unusual artworks of the time.  All works not selected by the juror for the Annual Student Exhibition will be showcased at the Emporia Arts Center in downtown Emporia.
Artist Reception:  April 4, 7-8 pm, Emporia Arts Center, 815 Commercial Street, Emporia, Kansas
Ph. (620) 343-6473, Hours T-F 10 am - 6 pm, Sat 10 am - 3 pm


May 1 - May 5, 2017

Graphic Design Senior Exhibition
The Senior Graphic Design Exhibition provides these young graphic designers with the experience of professionally presenting their work and ideas in a gallery setting.
Artist Reception: TBA, Bruder Theater Lobby, Emporia State University


*Additionally, there will be 12-15 Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibitions throughout the year in the Gilson Memorial Gallery.