Thank you to the Loretto A. Langley Charitable Trust for their support.

This funding enables the Art Department at ESU to equip, implement, and maintain a slide library/visual resource center, as well as to provide a scholarship for staffing the library during its

On behalf of the entire Department of Art faculty, thank you to the following Friends of the Department of Art for your contributions.

Paul & Esther Bachenberg
Donna Bicknell

Alden & Betty Bowman

Susan & Jason Brinkman

Philip & Elaine Brough

Betty Campbell

Misty & Matthew Collins

Janet & Thantus Concannon

Roma Dove

David & Betty Edwards

Diane & Don Gabelhouse

James & Patricia Geis

Jean & Kenneth Green

Linda & Stephen Gresham

Salvatore & Eileen Guadagnino

Jacqueline Hand

Marshall & Ann Havenhill

Elaine Henry & Richard Garber

Susan & Stephen Horner


Don & Sandra Johnson

Patricia & Patrick Johnson

David Kasitz

Clinton Leon

Megan & Jeffrey McGlinn
Brian Merriman
Joyce Morgan
Loren & Jerri Pennington
Donald & Sharon Perry
John & Merle Peterson
Gary & Vicki Pillard
Gene & Betty Jo Plank
Leslie Richards
Bob & Mary Rollins
Edward & Leonore Rowe
Larry Schwarm & Peg Bicker
Jane & Richard Slimon
Katherine Smalley
Angela LaRee Smith

Colby Smith
Mary & Richard Stauffer
Melvin & Donna Storm
Mary Thiessen
Marilyn & William Thompson
Annette Vincent
Lewis & Deanna Waggaman
Kathleen & Larry Wagner
Wendy Woods
Jennieta & Donald Wright

Students in the ESU Department of Art are accepted into prestigious graduate programs including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ohio University, The New York Academy of Art, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Bradley University and the Rochester Institute of Technology School of American Craft, as well as ESU's Art Therapy graduate program. Our art education alumni are recruited to excellent jobs in teaching at the elementary and secondary levels. In short, our students are achieving and exceeding their own expectations.

Accordingly, the Art Faculty continue to excel in their respective fields.
The Department of Art at ESU has been growing steadily over the past five to ten years. In 1988, there were 49 students majoring in art. This year alone we have approximately 190 majors in the Department, an increase of nearly 190%. However, our art scholarship monies, our part-time faculty development, and our operating and equipment budgets have not increased accordingly.

Any contribution is appreciated.

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