Department of Art Faculty and Staff


Roberta Eichenberg

MFA, Ohio State University; Professor of Sculpture, Department Chair

Tammie Reed

Administrative Specialist

Luke Ball

MFA, University of North Texas; Lecturer, Foundations

Eric Conrad

MFA, Rhode Island School of Design; Professor

Marie Dolembo

MA, University of California/University of Kansas; Lecturer; Art History

James Ehlers

MFA, University of Florida; Associate Professor of Engraving & Printmaking

Gregory Folken

MFA, Wichita State University; Lecturer, Foundations

Downi Griner

PhD, University of Arizona; Assistant Professor of of Art Education

Matthew Hoelscher

MFA, Arizona State University; Instructor of Drawing, 2D Design, and Art Appreciation

Stephanie Lanter

MFA, Ohio University; Assistant Professor of Ceramics

Jared Macken

PhD, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zurich); Instructor of Graphic Design

Patrick Martin

MFA, Tulane University; Professor of Glass

Deb Maxwell

MA, Emporia State University; Instructor of Art Appreciation

Derek Wilkinson

MFA, Arizona State University; Associate Professor of Painting & Drawing

Morgan Ford Willingham

MFA, Texas Woman's University; Assistant Professor of Photography


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