Summer program for Hornet athletes keeps students on track to graduate on time


A program designed to focus Emporia State athletes on timely graduation is drawing positive reviews after its first summer of operation. Fifty-one student-athletes took a total of 204 credit hours in the new Emporia State University Hornet Athletes Summer Academy during the summer of 2013. 

The program is designed to keep athletes on track to graduate in four or four-and-a-half years. 

It’s the result of one of the 18 Big Ideas put forth in Now & Forever: The Campaign for Emporia State University. 

“The summer program at Emporia State helps us in many ways,” says athletic director Kent Weiser. “Since taking 16 hours a semester when a sport is in season is difficult, it keeps student-athletes on track to graduate in four or four-and-half years.” 

“We don’t use the program to keep a kid eligible,” adds Weiser, “but to keep them on track to graduate.” 

Summer semester scholarships meant the student-athletes could stay in Emporia for voluntary summer workouts and attend classes to help them make academic progress toward their degree without worrying about costs. 

“It is truly a win-win situation,” says Weiser. 

Coach Garin Higgins agrees. 

“The summer school program has been a big part of our success. It gives our players a reason to stay in Emporia and take part in our voluntary workouts while working toward their degree.”