Photo collection finds new home


Chuck and Nancy Frazier, flanked by DenaSue Potestio and Gonzalo Bruce

A haunting collection of images from India now graces the walls of Emporia State’s Memorial Union, a gift from an Emporia couple who recorded their trip to the country in 1991. 

Charles “Chuck” Frazier and his wife, Nancy, toured Uttar Pradesh, one of India’s northern states, as part of a cultural exchange program sponsored by Rotary International. 

“It was a great experience,” said Chuck Frazier, a now-retired portrait photographer. “I like to tell everybody it was the hardest 30 days of my life, because the pace was so grueling.” 

“We got most of the shots on the fly, because we weren’t on our own for very long periods of time,” said Nancy Frazier. 

From the hundreds of images and portraits, the Fraziers mounted an exhibit of approximately 30 photos that have been displayed around the state. The couple gifted the collection to Emporia State last fall, just in time for it to be mounted as part of the university’s International Education Week observance in November. 

“We’re doing a lot of work to recruit students from India, so displaying these photos may give them a feeling of being home,” said Dr. Gonzalo Bruce, dean of international education.