Pictures tell Emporia State's 150 year old story


Emporia State UniversityAs a three-time alumnus, Steven Hanschu thought he had a pretty good idea of his alma mater's history.

But that was before he delved into a project that chronicles the history of Emporia State University through 150 years of photographs and other documents found in the university’s archives.

The result is “Emporia State University: The Campus History Series,” (Arcadia Publishing, $21.99, available on the Emporia State bookstore website or from the publisher,

 “To my joy and delight in the research for this book,” writes Hanschu in its acknowledgements, “I discovered many new amazing facts and stories about this great educational institution.”

As a reference librarian for Emporia State’s William Allen White Library, Hanschu has more than 30 years experience at the university and is significantly involved with community programs and organizations, including the Lyon County Historical Society.

His association with Emporia State is further cemented by the three degrees he’s earned from the institution: a bachelor’s in sociology/anthropology from Kansas State Teachers College in 1974, a master of library science degree in 1976 from Emporia Kansas State College, and a master’s in history in 1978 from Emporia State University.