150 ways to give back


By Tyler Curtis, Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Giving back.

Those two words are often linked to images of money — writing a check, opening up your wallet (and hoping to find some cash), signing a pledge card, executing a gift agreement. It’s true. Giving back includes gifting financial resources. And gifting financial resources is both needed and appreciated.

But can the concept of “giving back” encompass more than dollars? We think so. Our alumni are constantly asking what they can do to help the university. In other words, “How can we give back?”

In honor of our 150th anniversary, we brainstormed a list of 150 ways to give back to the institution. From updating your contact information and letting your alumni office know what you’re doing in life to talking to future Hornets and encouraging them to attend Emporia State, there are so many ways to give back as alumni of Emporia State University.

Staying informed, taking advantage of alumni benefits, getting connected, promoting Emporia State, supporting Hornet athletics and activities, volunteering and investing in your alma mater are all wonderful ways of giving back to Emporia State University.

Do you receive the Hornet News Update? Did you know we have a Corky credit card? When is the last time you sent a former professor a note? Do you have space in your office or classroom for a pennant? When is the last time you attended an athletic competition, musical production or theatre event? Do you or your employer offer internship opportunities for college students? These are all ways we can give back as alumni of Emporia State University.

Throughout this edition of Spotlight magazine, you will discover many opportunities to give back to the university. Discover all 150 opportunities.

And we haven’t thought of them all. How will you give back? We look forward to seeing what you come up with. Thank you for giving back to Emporia State University.

Archive it!

Emporia State's Speical Collections and Archives invite you to donate your university memorabilia. Do you have a beanie? Pennant? Some past photos of the university? Contact Ashley Todd-Diaz, assistant professor and curator of Special Collections and Archives, at 620-341-5034