Outstanding Recent Grads


 2011 Outstanding Recent Grads Carol Levers, Jennifer Lasseter, Leslie (Nigro) Freeman, and Darcy Seitz

Carol Levers

Kansas City, Kan.

MLS 2001

Emporia and the faculty paved the way for me to have a platform where I could express myself. I was a non-traditional student, so I didn’t spend a lot of time on campus. But the one weekend a month I was on campus was extraordinary in that I’ve cultivated a network of friends and faculty that I could call upon when I need information.

ONLINE: Carol Levers

Jennifer Lasseter

Austin, Tex

BS 2001

I definitely enjoyed living on the Honors floor in North Twin Towers. That was my home away from home, and definitely a positive experience. I made lots of great contacts with professors like Dr. Ballester and Dr. Backhus and enjoy keeping in touch with them.

ONLINE: Jennifer Lasseter


Leslie (Nigro) Freeman

Shawnee, Kan.

BSB 2002 

I tell prospective college students to pick a college where you’re going to be comfortable. Somewhere that’s going to feel like you’re home. That’s what I loved about Emporia—I felt like this was my home. The people I met here are still my best friends.

ONLINE: Leslie Freeman

Darcy Seitz

Topeka, Kan.

BSE 2006

When I was over at Visser Hall—that’s where I spent all of my time—they taught us to be critical thinkers, creative planners, and effective practitioners. That’s something that has stayed with me throughout my time at ESU, and now as a state youth coordinator for the Kansas National Guard Joint Forces Headquarters in Topeka.

ONLINE: Darcy Seitz