Musings while underground


Dave Sparks undergroundWhy, yes—that is a Superman costume I’m inspecting. And you may be wondering how I’m going to weave that into a quick welcome to the spring edition of Spotlight.

I didn’t try on the costume. Its acrylic case keeps my hands, and those of about 60,000 visitors a year to Hutchinson’s Kansas Underground Salt Museum, from damaging what actor Dean Cain wore during his turn on television’s “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

Spotlight celebrates heroes, but not the kind who emerge from phone booths to ensure good triumphs over evil. In this issue, you’ll read about a few of these “salt of the earth” types who enrich our lives. Several of them are graduates of Emporia State University’s recently AACSB-reaccredited School of Business.

But there are many other events to celebrate:

  • An ambitious commitment from the ESU Foundation to pump more money into student scholarships;
  • The energy and enthusiasm of Dr. Michael D. Shonrock as ESU’s 16th president;
  • The promise from DenaSue Potestio, the ESU Foundation’s incoming president, to dream big, and;
  • The nearly-completed renovation of ESU’s Memorial Union.

Grab your cape, lightsaber, or magic wand and join in. We’re all superheroes to someone!

Dave Sparks