Distinguished Alumni


Distinguished Alumni


Maj. Gen. Kevin LeonardMaj. Gen. Kevin Leonard

Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

BS 1979


When I think about 30-plus years of serving our country, what I recognize is that for my family and I, the values—the things we learned in Emporia—are what have sustained us through the years, and certainly the last ten years of conflict in support of our nation. I am honored to be an American soldier, and particularly honored to receive this award.


Ron LoewenRon Loewen

Columbia, S.C.

BS 1970, MS 1971

ONLINE: Ron Loewen 

Emporia was the ideal place for me to come. This campus had lots of vets who had come back from Vietnam and African Americans who were unhappy with policies. So there were a lot of issues going on here. John Webb (KSTC president) was brilliant, and I became an acolyte of his to watch how he defused problems, how he was a good listener, and how he was fair. The problems that other schools in Kansas and certainly throughout America had were not evident here. The tensions were here, of course, but he found a way to make things work better.


Teresa MarkowitzTeresa Markowitz

Baltimore, Md.

BS 1978

ONLINE: Teresa Markowitz 

I grew up in Olpe, and coming to Emporia, even though it was only 10 miles away, it was a new life for me. Being exposed to lots more opportunities, people and diversity. Having a team to fit in with on campus was important. It was growing beyond the small community I lived in. I had an appetite all of these different people and different and ideas, so it was a very nice experience for me.


Don ReichardtDon Reichardt

Roswell, Ga.

BSE 1960

ONLINE: Don Reichardt 

The most important values I took with me—besides the knowledge, obviously, that I gained here—was the work ethic and a set of values that you could apply to any career you wanted to. I had a lot of in-depth experience with the Bulletin and Sunflower, also downtown at the Emporia Gazette. It helped me in my career tremendously.