Home for Homecoming


In late October the graduating Class of 1960 was invited to return to the campus of KSTC (forever) to attend Homecoming festivities. In round numbers we were a class of 400 graduates some 50 years ago. When the weekend ended, we had over 100 return for our reunion. We had returnees from California in the west to Massachusetts in the east, from Texas to Minnesota, from Kentucky, Georgia, Colorado, Missouri and Kansas, plus some 10 other states.

Earlier in the year through the leadership of Joan Lauber, now retired administrative officer for alumni relations and spearheaded by the day to day planning of Nikki Metz, Alumni “Master of Detail,” a committee made up of Rice Brown, Barbara Brinkman Becker, Don Reichardt, Gary Chaput, Donella Vosburg Markham and Don Young was formed to make the calls to our classmates and encourage their participation at Homecoming 2010.

Any reunion endeavor, while so much fun, does have a downside as reality will undoubtedly surface. With the numerous phone calls we made as a group, we ran into classmates who were unable to attend because of health concerns or individual situations. To those classmates, they were definitely missed, they were remembered and our thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to them all.

A call to classmates lasting 30 or 45 minutes was not uncommon, so here’s a word of encouragement to classes in the future. Plan to charge ahead and get involved in putting your reunion together. You will not regret spending your time contacting your classmates from the past. I can’t explain why we waited all these years.

All in all, I feel that those of us who made the trip, got involved in the activities, renewed old friendships, shook hands with acquaintances of the past and exchanged greetings would all agree that the time and effort spent was more than a great investment.

Someone of great importance once said, “You can’t go home…” Well, some 100-plus of us did and are all the better for it. Thank you KSTC, ESU and Emporia as whatever we are today, we owe so much to our time spent with you.

John Staton (BSE ’60, MS ’64)

Auburn, Ala.