Outstanding Recent Graduates


Outstanding Recent Grads

Cory M. Haag

BSB-Business Management, 2002

Emporia, Kan.

Cory Haag is Director of Operations for Haag Management, Inc., in Emporia, a family-owned business specializing in the development of college, residential and senior housing. He continues to work with local businesses and organizations to help redevelop downtown properties and housing options around the Emporia State campus.

“My senior year, we had a small business management class where we had to develop a business concept. Mine was to develop an apartment complex, which spurred the development of several apartment complexes now located near the campus.”

Leah Childers, Ph.D.

BSE-Mathematics 2003, MS-Mathematics 2005

Pittsburg, Kan.

Leah Childers is a mathematician and assistant professor at Pittsburg State University. A relatively new faculty member, she has already been active in encouraging students, particularly young women, to pursue further study in mathematics and mathematics-related fields.

“While I was at ESU, I was really shown all my options, and given an opportunity to dream big. I fell in love with mathematics, and I’m excited that I get to teach it at the college level.”

Howard West

BSB-Computer Information Systems, 2005; MS-Instructional Design and Technology, 2007

Boston, Mass.

Howard West trains the U.S. Armed Forces, Federal Aviation Administration and law enforcement personnel on security solutions such as air traffic control and emergency communications systems.

“ESU helped me a lot. It provided me with two great degrees that have made me a more well-rounded person, something that’s helpful to me in my career.”