Musings on the farm


Pat and Ron FredricksonThe thing you forget about living on the farm isn’t the sight of an amazing sunset or the smell of freshly baled alfalfa hay. For a farm boy like me, those two sensory inputs have been indelibly etched on the hard drive that powers my brain.

What struck me, miles away from speeding traffic, wailing sirens, and the roar of commerce, was how quiet the outdoors can be.

On a recent fall morning while helping University Photographer Dick Garvey set up a photo shoot on the farm of Drs. Ron and Pat Fredrickson near Osage City, it didn’t occur to me that all those sounds were missing until we observed the welcome lack of another phenomenon—a breeze.

Climbing into Ron’s truck during an earlier visit this summer, another memory resurfaced. “Would you drive while I flake off these alfalfa bales for the cows?” Ron asked me. Immediately, I was transported back to my teens, when my father—a man the same age as Ron, in fact—would have me do the identical job for the cattle in our southwest Kansas pasture.

As we get ready to celebrate our sesquicentennial, Emporia State University is hoping you’ll recall similar pleasant memories—recollections of lives lived, friendships made, significant others who became spouses, and the part this university played in those events.

We want to hear your stories. If you haven’t already, go to Emporia State's Sesquicentennial website and tell us. Share the richness of your memories, and know that they will inspire others to do the same!


Dave Sparks